A Year of Projects

A Year of Projects Year 8

Whoa! ( in Joey Lawrence’s voice ❤ )

This is the year….

THIS IS THE YEAR I make something with all those patterns I bought!!!!!

How many years have I said that though? The list keeps getting longer. (current count:218.. Ive made 28. ) I HAVE to make something with them. I wish I could return a few. Why did I buy this  was muttered alot when I was going through the list on ravelry.

My FO for the week is this adorable Catus Kawaii Cuddler. This is the cutest thing I have ever made!!


my WIP are called Snappy Slippers by Snappy tots. I ‘m not sure which I like more.. with the cuff or without.


Ive been reading so much that crocheting has been on the way back burner.  I know I have to make equal amount of time for both my loves.

Book recommendation of the week: The Woman in the Window.

This crazy cute banner above was made by LeftyCrafter on ravelry. ❤



7 thoughts on “A Year of Projects Year 8

  1. That really is a crazy cute banner that LeftyCrafter made! I’m looking forward to using it myself at some point. 🙂 And what a cute Cactus Kawaii Cuddler. Glad you’re back for another year, Erin! I always enjoy seeing what you create.


  2. Loving the cactus. As for the slippers……I would go cuffless.

    That book looks really good. Swoosh…..on my reading list.

    Thanks for the compliment on the banner. You always make such cute ones for us each year.


  3. That cactus is adorable! As for list vs made count: I completed none, so you’re way ahead of me, if that is any comfort at all 😀


  4. I have a few bought patterns that are staring me down but also the free ones that I have downloaded or just favorited. I checked on Ravelry for something the other day and it said I had over 1600 saved to favorites. It might be time to work my way through the list and see if they are still favorites. I can’t wait to see some of these fun patterns you’re working on. I vor for cuffless too.


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