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Finished Friday: Lily Pond blanket

I FINALLY finished the Lily Pond blanket that I have been working on all year. Well half a year.

I do plan to make another one . I am not too crazy about these colors. The flower blocks look great but the long panels , aren’t so great 😦  I dislike the greens and the Peacock.

This blanket ate up a bunch of yarn . I bought 2 spring green, 2 paddy green and 2 Peacock skeins. 7 ounces each.



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Now that the blanket is finished ( and Frida’s Flowers Blanket is almost complete as well). I am not sure what to do now. Sure I have a billion projects I can make but this projects was lily donemy go to when I didn’t want to crochet anything else.

I can’t start another until I have made up my mind about all the colors. With this Lily I changed the purples . The pattern called for a few shades of pink and I wanted all purple but not all purples go together in my opinion so I used Boysenberry and Lemon to go with the Dark Orchid and Orchid. Something I was terrified to do . But they matched up pretty well.

IMG_3516 The middle (pictured left) is a great example of how well the colors flowed . Well I think so anyway.

I should’ve used more aqua and turquoise . They don’t really pop in the pictures.

Still with a few dislikes, I LOVE this blanket . Its washed and it smells great. 🙂

Thank you Jane Crowfoot for designing such a gorgeous pattern!


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YoP5 week 50

Week 50 !! It’s almost over!!

I worked on 3 big projects this past week.  Lily Pond blanket ( I just needed a border) , Latticeback bolero (I had to frog the back because it was too high up–too tight) and I joined 6 panels of the Emoji blanket. I need to decide which 3 emojis I want to add. I was thinking halo, poo, and sleep  ( or whatever it’s called.)IMG_20160612_1011361_rewind



I worked on (and will be adding to my year 6 list ) Wildlife Rescue Nests for local rescues.

I started up another hat drive over on my charity facebook page.. Comfort caps for New England. The Summer of Sports. My goal is to get 100 sport themed hats by Aug  and send them to the NE Children’s hospitals. Check out the page if you want to help 🙂

I made this teen sized soccer cap this week.


To the A Year of Projects members , I added the 3rd banner and side bars ( crocheters and knitters) for year 6 to the ravelry thread. I am saving my favorite for last 🙂


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P.S. Please check out my other posts 🙂


A Year of Projects

YOP5 weeks 42 and 43

I spent some time on the Lily Pond.

And I am making another version of Snappy Tots Buggy Garden flag. Last year I made the Lady bug. This year I am making the bee.

 I finished the Sunflower curtain!

I have to share this, Its not every day you see a pig walking around your yard unless you live on or close to a farm. which we do not. This oinker spent about 15 minutes making a mess of the yard looking for food..lol I was going to call animal control but he wondered out the same way he came in so I guess he wasn’t lost.

To my fellow YOPers, I made a few banners for year 6 and I will post them in the ravelry group in June.  Again, plain but cute.

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YOP5 week 41 and a Lily Pond Update

Yesterday was my birthday. 36! (f*%#) ! I had a good day. I made my grandmother’s stuffed green peppers ( for myself – Jon doesn’t like peppers) . So yummy!

My MIL bought me a cake …. she couldn’t remember if I was 36 or not so she grabbed and 3 and 0..lol  I’ll take 30 🙂

On to Lily…

I crocheted blocks 3 and 4 together

a bit of a close up.

Blocks 2 and 5

Block 5 in 3 stages 🙂

This is one version of block 7. ( before blocking)

This is the other version I am using.

This was my last update last year. I have almost all the blocks made. I need to finish 5 and 7 and then 8.

I want to finish this before the end of the month. I started on May 7 2015.

 I really want to make the  Frida’s Flowers Blanket but I will only be making one block from each update until I am sure I am happy with my color choice. For the lily, I wish I would of used teal instead of peacock and a less dark of a green. I used Paddy green since that’s all I had on hand.

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WIP Wednesday: Hello again Lily Pond Blanket

Its been awhile since I have worked on my lily pond blanket. With the new Crochet along by Jane Crawford posted yesterday ( and I so want to make it!!) I thought I should finish last years blanket before I start a new one.

If I put my mind to it, I can finish the lily pond this month! I have 3 blocks to make and then I have to crochet every piece together.

This wonderful mess above is what I accomplished last night. I crocheted blocks 3 and 4  and 6 and 3. which are the side panels.
More later.