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Gardening:Always a work in progress

I have inherited my mother’s “green thumb”. Well sorta. Since she passed 5 years ago my want to garden has increased.
We rent so I cant have a huge garden like I want. We have a tiny patch along our walkway. It gets minimal sun. The landlord planted 3 lily plants (which I love) years ago. My MIL hates them. They stay because I take care of the garden πŸ™‚

This was from a few years ago.

These were just taken this past Tuesday….. I have so much to do ! πŸ™‚
This is one of the lilies with snow from monday
How it looks at about 1pm. too much shade.
My poor Hydrangea 😦 Β Last year it didn’t bloom at all. I hope it does this year. Its a pretty blue.
As I was weeding my garden last weekend ( before the snow) I noticed I need more soil. I want to do something with those trellis things, even if I have to crochet something,( morning glories perhaps).
The garden definitely needs a new design layout.
I hope my MIL doesn’t buy any tacky garden decorations this year. In the top picture you can see a few ducks on sticks. So corny. lol . I want to place a few bird feeders in the garden this year. I don’t like birds but they remind me of my mom who loved them .