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InCoWriMo 2020, you in?

So International Correspondence Writing Month  starts in a week (The month of February)  .

For the past few weeks I’ve been collecting pen pals in a few Facebook groups. I love writing . I had a few pen pals in my late teens. One I kept writing to until my early 20 and for some reason that I can not remember , we lost touch. I recently found his address online and sent him a card…. I hope he writes back 🙂 I also plan to write a few family members and a friend Ive had for 18 years who lives in Australia.

Back to InCoWriMo….. the idea is to write a letter or post card to people for the month of February. That’s 29 days and 29 people.

A Month of Letters is another site where you can find people to write to during February or all year long. Its up to you. You can make a profile and add friends.

I have my stationary, stickers, and envelopes and a few other supplies all ready to go from a swap I participated in on ravelry !


See you in February ……





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