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YOP 5 week 22

I have projects to share!!! I really want to keep this up on a weekly basis but sometimes I just don’t progress on some projects. Sometimes I have orders I need to get done first. A few projects just don’t have the same appeal that had when I added them to my list. So again, I will be moving things around.  Adding and removing .

I have fallen in love with a new pattern designer. Spider Mambo. I think she has a thing for skulls.. 🙂 I am currently on my second pattern buy her. I finished the Flat Jack scarf ( I need to redo the arms and legs since they are a bit on the long side for my taste).

Below is the Stack of Skulls Santa hat. I love the way the FPdc and BPdc look! This brim is not in the pattern but one of the ladies that made the hat, made hers with the forward and backward post dc and I absolutely love it.

I also started and finished a Pajama Monster. OMG its turned out so cute!!

I’ve been trying to make my Amigurumi family bigger but have been failing .So I made a firm decision to make nothing but Amis all December. Well that and my hubby to be’s shark blanket that I now have enough yarn to finish! 🙂  Here is something I started …

Soon she’ll be Alice in Wonderland .

And lastly a few Christmas projects.

A Year of Projects

YOP5 week 19: I return

Back to my Year of Projects list…. I’ve started my Totoro bag for my kindle and a flat jack scarf(newly added to my list.) , and a few other items.

In my last post I said I wanted to make the Wicked Tutu bag for a weekend getaway. I made it in a few days and I love how it turned out!!!

Pattern : Wicked Tutu bag

Pattern : Flat Jack Scarf

Pattern: Totoro bag

Pattern: Christmas Wreath Square

Scarf I am making for Maine’s Special Olympics.

Pattern: Hearts Hair Bow

I didnt make anything from my hook challenge list for Halloween since I was so busy making Halloween orders.