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New Blog Design

If you have visited my blog before you can see that I redesigned it. Well the background anyway. I am also thinking up a new idea of how to post my blogs. Other than just the blah here is a paragraph of what I did.. pictures… another paragraph…..

I’m going to try to add more about my daily life…

Get into some sewing… I have a sewing machine and some fat quarters so I should put them to use.  🙂

Maybe some other crafts as well… I always wanted to play with alcohol inks.

With the end of A Year of Projects year 8 next week, I need to get my brain in gear and think of something creative. ( it might just stay the )

Here’s a little slid show of a few of my faves of this past year.


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Sharing my life

Hello World

I am still around. I just haven’t had the want to take pictures of my creations and post them. I will soon though.


Sharing my life

Crochet posts coming back soon

Crochet posts coming back soon. Since September Ive been busy with orders. I had a few weeks off in November to work on some new stuff I just haven’t gotten around to taking pictures and posting them. I will return with more crochet related post after the first of the year.

I hope you’ve liked the book posts, if not , let me know.

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Until then..

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.. stay safe!

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Bookworm Bitches 4th Quarter challenge

Yup another reading challenge, but …. different group. This group I forgot I was in. This challenge is different , Its just not reading books. The participants in the challenge are given tasks……

Here are my books plans so far…

1. Read the 17th oldest book on your TBR List

~~~~ The Perfect Neighbors by Sarah Pekkanen 

2. Read a book by an author you love or an author you read within 2018
~~~~The Prelude of Ella and Micha(I love Jessica Sorensen) done.

3. Read a book published in the same year you joined Goodreads

~~~~(2012) The Secret of Ella and Micha, A Walk Across the Sun , or Easy. 

4. Read a book by an author you’ve never read before

~~~~ The Drowned Girls by Loreth Anne White

5. Read a book set around a holiday or has a holiday themed cover

~~~~ Visions of Sugar Plums by Janet Evanovich

6. Read a book with a Orange cover

~~~~ Wicked Charms by Janet Evanovich

7. Read the next book in a series or start a new series

8. Catch up on a Bookworm Bitches selection or read a book you have been meaning to read for a long time

~~~~ What Alice Forgot or Little Fire Everywhere. 



All set and ready to go except for number 7. For the Hooked on Books Fall read a thon my theme is series. So I can start or continue any one of the books on my list. 🙂

As you can see Ive already completed #2 🙂 It was a great little intro to Ella and Micha. ❤

I’m going to start reading The Drowned girls this weekend. Its a thick book. 524 pages. I borrowed it from the library and its due on the 15th but I can renew it 2 more times.. I think thats an extra month . It wont take me that long to read. It is on kindle unlimited, along with the other two books. I can’t get The Lullaby Girls from the library since they don’t have it so my free kindle unlimited subscription this month will come in handy 🙂

I have until December 31 to complete this challenge .

If you’ve read any of these books please let me know.



Books, Books, Books · Sharing my life

Autumn Reading List

Confession: Goodreads is like porn to me …( I dont watch porn , I’m just ) . Books have been my new love. I still love yarn, I would rather read more. I will post new projects soon.

I am in a group called Hooked On Books on Goodreads. Its mainly read a thon challenges, 24 hr, weekend, week long and seasonal. Summer has ended ( last week ) and I have already finished one book in to my Autumn reading list.

I finished the summer with 29 books 🙂 Gotta love the library.  I fell in love with so many books and so many characters. More on them later so I can gather my thoughts. I am still a wreck from reading Me before You! ( I never cried so much!!)

On with the list… A good chunk of my summer reads were suspense/thriller. So this season I want books that are  light, with some humor and romance that wont make me cry for 200 pages. (Yup, thats what Me before You did to me…lol)

My theme…  Series.

Wicked Charms ( finishing the Lizzy and Diesel series) ❤

Always & Forever, Lara Jean (finishing the To All the Boys I Loved Before #3) ❤


You (#1)

Hidden Bodies (#2)

A Love Story

Bloodsucking Fiends (#1),You Suck (#2),Bite Me (#3)

Lost Kings MC

Slow Burn (#1),Corrupting Cinderella ( #2), Strength From Loyalty (#3).. ( Only reason I am reading these,  I follow the guy on the covers on Instagram…lol )

Contours of the Heart (Maybe)

Easy (1), Breakable(2), Sweet (3), Brave (4)

Angie Pallorino 

The Drowned Girls, The Lullaby Girls, The Girl in the Moss

The Weekday Brides

Wife by Wednesday, Married by Monday, Fiance by Friday, Single by Saturday, Taken by Tuesday, Seduced by Sunday, Treasured by Thursday.

The Girls (maybe)

Party Girl, Sweet Girl, Smart Girl

Stephanie Plum Series 

1-25. ( this series might take me into winter and spring. )


***** Look me up if you are on goodreads…