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25 in five : Yarn addition

I recently saw a reading challenge called #25infive on instagram. The participants read what they can for 25 hours in 5 days.

My yarn obsessed brain got to thinking about how I can use this with my yarn balls. I still have a ton. Here is what I was thinking , use 25 balls of yarn , any size, any weight, in 5 days. Make whatever I want.

Its Friday so I will take the weekend to look through my stash and pick my 25 and post again on monday, day 1.

This could be a fun monthly crochet/knit/loom a long ๐Ÿ™‚

If you play along , leave your post link in the comments.

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Blogging about something new

I usually stare at my computer screen hoping that words will just magically appear.ย  Sometimes only half a thought comes out and the post is left in my drafts for eternity .

I want to blog about something other than crochet, knitting, any thing yarn related. But i need a little push, a topic to talk about. nothing serious like politics or religion, or parenting, ( since I dont have kids) . And my life is pretty boring. I can probably fill a tweet more than a blog post.

Today I remembered Blogher and the writing prompts they use to have. I use to post when they did their #NaBloPoMo .The last one was September 2016. It seems they are more occupied with the conferences. But their prompts are still around.

Anyway a lot of the prompts “spoke to me” lol . So if you see a post about the one appliance I cant live with out.. Dont worry, its just me and I have not lost my mind ๐Ÿ™‚

The first theme I may tackle is their august prompts, TALES.



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Thanks Etsy?

So yesterday Etsy suspended my shop over $11. Its the end of the month and I am broke baby. My shop is my only income. My fiance has a job but we live just about pay check to pay check. I know what you are thinking… ‘its only $11 , anyone can afford $11. ‘

Yeah I could pay it but this is my shop’s downtime. During this time ( March through August ) I am collecting $$ from Craftsy from the few patterns I have there. ( btw , it isnt much). So instead of running up another bill for relisting fees , I am taking a break from etsy. Regroup and focus on personal projects.

Is etsy the only place that has relisting fees? Last time I was on Artfire they only took their cut from items you sold. I just checked and its subscription based now.ย  It ranges fromย  $4.95 a month to $40. Oi! i cant win.

Ive been thinking about this for along time… I need to make new patterns. I WANT to make new patterns. I haven’t yet because when I think of something someone already did it, or close to it.

So maybe this suspension is a good thing ( not money wise) but time wise. There is so much I can do now with out having to make someones order or make new items for my shop. I feel free…lol

Things I can do now…

Make more soap. so much fun.

Read more. I committed to reading 50 books this year on Goodreads.ย  I’ve read one.

De-clutter my craft area.

Finish some personal projects.. Grease C2C blanket, FRIENDS C2C blanket, and the Sophie blanket.

Design some new patterns.


Don’t worry people I will pay my bill within a few weeks. I can feel the judgement…. “just pay the bill. Etsy is owed that money. ” … blah blah…lol They over price for




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Ok Erin , Stop Slacking off…

With losing power twice ( within 2 weeks) and being sick. I haven’t gotten much done.

I was on a roll with the FRIENDS themed blanket. I haven’t started a new panel in weeks.

The Nor’easter caused us to lose power for 4 days. Yes I said FOUR days in the middle of winter. National Grid was not on their game. so many trees snapped in half or just fell over. Some on power lines some on houses and cars. A tree snapped on our street about a half a mile up and landed on a power line ( or rested against it, I didnt actually see it) which neighbors are saying is why we lost power when all the other houses in town had electricity back and we didnt.

So day 4 which was a monday, we finally got power back on. I think my landlady was a big part of that…lol You do not want to be on the other end of the phone when she is

I heard national grid did not get anyone to cut down the whole tree to avoid future power outages. Now fast forward to last Tuesday where we got a nasty snow storm. Just about every place was closed except for Cumberland farms ( gas station/ small store to those who never heard of it) and Stop and Shop ( they were half open. All the meat and dairy were getting boxed back up because they lost power to their freezers.)ย  ย We lose power again….. I dont know if it was because of the same tree but i heard it was hanging on the power line . And again my landlady called national grid and ‘voiced her opinion’. One time estimate was 7-9 pm on Tuesday. Nope.ย  We got it back at 1 pm on Wednesday.

I hope this doesn’t happen again. Its happened a few times over the last couple of years but that was in the summer. Losing power in the winter sucks. I am done being cold.

Oh yeah and I had a cold this entire time. I am getting better with cold meds and heat ๐Ÿ™‚ I still have a little cough but I always have a cough that lingers a few weeks after .

AND today we are getting more snow. Please let the power stay on ๐Ÿ™‚


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Dieting makes me sick

Literally makes me sick ….

Ive been sick for the past few days just when I am planning out my meal plan ( more in a bit) and I catch Jon’s cold. My nose is stuffy and I cant taste anything. Oh and the sneezing.

Last time i was sick I was just starting the military diet. 1 day and I was done. All food was gross. (this was because of Jon )

Since I posted about losing weight last month, Ive been cutting back. We haven’t gone out to eat, well thats mainly do to wanting to save money since we needed heating oil and Jon’s ER visit bill was paid . So I have been forced to cut back..hehe nah, willingly. Ive been eating salad dressing that is yogurt based, mini cans of soda. ( i need to stop drinking soda ..again) and been snacking on oranges.

I found something on Pinterest about an hard boiled egg diet. 2 eggs and an orange for breakfast, salad for lunch and chicken and salad for dinner. This is the meal plan i was gonna start when I got sick. you just eat the above with a few variations for dinner, fish steamed veggies for 2 weeks. This I can get on board with .

Tonight is food shopping night so I will be getting some chicken , more salad dressing, veggies and eggs. And whatever the non dieters( but should be on one) want.

Oh and I lost 3 pounds. If you see it… tell them I moved to the moon ๐Ÿ™‚