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Gardening:Always a work in progress

I have inherited my mother’s “green thumb”. Well sorta. Since she passed 5 years ago my want to garden has increased.
We rent so I cant have a huge garden like I want. We have a tiny patch along our walkway. It gets minimal sun. The landlord planted 3 lily plants (which I love) years ago. My MIL hates them. They stay because I take care of the garden 🙂

This was from a few years ago.

These were just taken this past Tuesday….. I have so much to do ! 🙂
This is one of the lilies with snow from monday
How it looks at about 1pm. too much shade.
My poor Hydrangea 😦  Last year it didn’t bloom at all. I hope it does this year. Its a pretty blue.
As I was weeding my garden last weekend ( before the snow) I noticed I need more soil. I want to do something with those trellis things, even if I have to crochet something,( morning glories perhaps).
The garden definitely needs a new design layout.
I hope my MIL doesn’t buy any tacky garden decorations this year. In the top picture you can see a few ducks on sticks. So corny. lol . I want to place a few bird feeders in the garden this year. I don’t like birds but they remind me of my mom who loved them .
Sharing my life

Wedding Wednesday: Flowers?

Should I carry flowers? How big or small should the bouquet be?  What type of flowers should I carry? Real or fake?

Its my wedding and I can do what I want , right? Well flowers seam a bit silly for my small wedding.  I love flowers. Calla lilies, hydrangeas  and orchids are my favorite. Since this is a budget DIY wedding I plan to buy some silk flowers and make a bouquet… I did it for my first wedding, and the bouquet came out wonderful, I wish I had a photo to share. ( I will look for one) .

There is this one shop on Etsy that I love, Wedideas. she is evil.. but in a good way. Most of her bouquets are out of my price range but they are gorgeous!! I wish I could afford a $105 bouquet . I really do.  Some are in the $30 to $70 range, still out of my reach. BUT she sells single stems of one of my favorite flowers…. calla lily!!. I love the Aruba color lilies .

Wedideas on etsy.

And at $3 each, I think I can make something that I’ll love. Add some ribbon and the bouquet charms that will have my mother’s and grandmothers pictures in frames it shall be perfect.

Like I’ve said… Small wedding , no bridal party,and no reception… I am saving so much on flowers !

With only a few months to go, I need to make this bouquet ASAP! Keep an eye out for that post.

Until next time, xo

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