Lies : a poem

They’re dropping like flies

all you’re effin lies.

How many can you tell?

I can’t believe for you  I fell.

Loving you was so easy

now thinking of you makes me queazy.

Why can’t you just stop this?

throw your dishonesty into the abyss.

You can still change

climb out of your dark cage.

Step into the witness stand

and raise your right hand.

You’ve lost ,can’t you see.

Save yourself with insanity plea.

Pack up and go

with all your effin lies in tow.


here I sit : a poem

here i sit

my nails all bit

candle on the table lit

i ask myself “should i do it?”

there’s nothing to admit

here i sit

will everything still fit?

think nothing of it

this is no time to throw a fit

i’ll just use my witt

here i sit

just for the hell of it

no, i must not submit

don’t pinch or hit

oh fuck it

just make the f’in banana split


a poem….

writing a poem is hard..lol I have four lines so far. not close to being done. I wrote one last year in 30 minutes…. when I find it I will post it.