Lets get organized!! #NaBloPoMo

There is this spot at the end of my hallway that leads up to the neighbors upstairs that I really need to get in order. I am currently using a shoe shelf. Not great for the canvas totes I use for my left over yarn balls.

Last year I bought a shelf that was made for the canvas totes but I use it in the living room near the computer for my printer. It has become an annoying catch all and I hate it. I bought another 2 shelf unit with a door that I want to replace the tall shelf over and move that shelf over to the hallway and remove the shoe shelf completely from the house.

Easier said then done. I over thinking it.

Just move all the crap.

OMG all the clutter and a cat toy!

But there is a lot of crap on these two shelves. And the new unit has yarn and a box of granny squares I am making a blanket with.

I have yarn every where. Full skeins go in the cabinet in case you were wondering. Not much room.

This weekend, since I have nothing to do, but what else is new, I plan on cleaning up all the clutter.

It has to be done.

See ya on Sunday!

Sharing my life

Blogger to WordPress

Ive spent years on blogger. Everything I’ve ever written is on blogger. I know blogger like the back of my hand. I recently read a blog (on wordpress) that said Google can delete blogs if they choose to. That is not okay with me! I started a blog here so I could talk about other things than my crochet business. Hence the name ” My life beyond the yarn, hooks and looms. ” I realized I don’t  have much of a life .. [ insert sad laugh here ] .

My business is a big part of my life so If I want to talk about it, I will! 🙂

I think I am going to make the big move to wordpress. Trying to keep up with more than one blog is a pain. I’ll put both to a test first. Who ever get more readers wins 🙂