Loom Love

Finished Friday

I actually finished this on Monday. I was waiting on my medal . Which have not been passed out yet 😦

This is the Loom Knit Ridges Cowl I made for the Ravelry Ravellenics . Event : Cowl Jump


I had a few issues with it . The cast on edge was too loose. But my team helped me out with that with a video by Purling Sprite. And I washed it which fixed the top and bottom curl.

Looming is so fun! 🙂

A Year of Projects

YOP6 week 6

Another week another project.

The Rio Olympics started on Friday and so did the Ravellenics on Ravelry. I casted on about 8pm. As of this post I am almost done with my first project.. Loom Knit Ridges Cowl.


Lots of pegs to knit and purl. Once I got back in the flow , the the repeats just flew by.  Hopefully I can finish this by tonight.

yop 6 banner 4

A Year of Projects

YOP6 week 5


So I’ve had crochet burnout. I’ve frogged a few projects. The reindeer stocking cap and reindeer scarf. They weren’t my style. Hella cute , just not my style.

I do plan to finish this flag…

With the Ravellenic Games starting in a few days I will be finishing up the holiday flag. I  won’t be crocheting anything until the games are over. I joined a loom knitting team. the same one I joined in 2012. My goal is to finish at least 3 projects.

I am now in love with my dpns( double pointed needles ) . The hat I want to make uses them so I thought I would get myself familiar with using them. Using them is easier than I thought. I am waiting for an order with my 16 inch circular Boye needles size 8. So this hat I want to make so badly will have to wait longer. 😦

yop 6 banner 4



Loom Love

Knitting WITHOUT Needles

Yes it can be done 🙂

My love obsession with yarn started with looming. My first “loom” was made with a TP tube and popsicle sticks. I learned this awesome craft from Cynthia Gagen . Its called French Knitting .

My first projects was a really long I-Cord. It was like 7 feet long 🙂 I just loved e-wrapping.


Anyway , with the Ravellenic Games coming up( Rio Baby!!) I thought I would join a looming team. The first team I joined in 2012 actually. Team Loominescent.I finished a lot of projects in 2012. I have 4 queued up as of right now. Maybe I will add one more ( like I need more projects) .

I haven’t played with my looms in a little while so I am a little rusty and my looms are a bit dusty 🙂

My goal is to finish least 3 projects. Ballerina baby socks., Loom knit Ridges Cowl, and Growing Leaves Cowl.  If I have time, Loom Knitted braid headband.

Wish me luck.

See you in Rio!!!