A Year of Projects · Temperature Blanket 2016

YOP6 week 15

Hello again and welcome to week 15.

I FINALLY finished the Year of the Monkey C2C block. Why didn’t anyone tell me that Aran and eggshell are the same color?!?!?! I went to Walmart yesterday and noticed a skein that looked a lot like the color I needed. I almost didn’t by it. I am glad I did though.


I made another cowl…. I Love this cowl. The stitch is called 3 step stitch. My work looks different from the video but I know I did it correct. Maybe its the loom.


I have to work on my bind offs. But I like it 🙂


Something for my favorite season….. Falling Pumpkins Wall hanging.   I added the curls and my own leaf. How I did them are on my project page.


And my squares for August are made… September is next . Then sew them to the blanket.I cant believe there is only a few months left of this year.


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A Year of Projects

YOP 6 week 12

I haven’t felt like crocheting this week although I do have a few Halloween orders to make . Other than that no crocheting . My looms needed some attention and with the new yarn ( I bought more on Tuesday) I wanted to make something. It is getting a little chilly here  (Finally ) so I may need this cowl soon. Its breezy and soft.

This skein is from the Deborah Norville Collection. This is Zinnia.


For you loomers, I made it with my yellow knifty knitter. the stitch is just a drop stitch with ewaps and purls.

This is the time where my YOP posts are put on hold due to Halloween orders, but I refuse to stop posting this time!! 🙂 I should make a schedule so I can get fun crocheting/knitting in with all the work crocheting 🙂  I say it but will I actually do it? lol 🙂

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Loom Love · WIPS

WIP Wednesday

I am looming again. Its fast and easy. oh and fun!

I bought more yarn. This is called Premier Yarns Saturate in the color Zinnia. Its from the Deborah Norville Collection.

I love this yarn!! This is the third skein I’ve bought in the past week. Different color though. Although this yarn did have a few knots in the beginning I was able to get around them. I pray there are no more.

I wanted to knit something so I chose to make a drop stitch cowl. No pattern. Just a few rows of  garter stitch and then the drop stitch and some purls and e wraps and more drop stitches. I only have 3 rows of the  dropped stitches and I want to make at least 6. I hope I have enough yarn.


This is about half a ball ( 92 yards in all)



( Who knew that the host of Inside Edition would put her name on such awesome yarn 🙂 )

The loom I am using is the large knifty knitter round loom. color ( duh) is yellow. 🙂


Loom Love

Finished Friday

I actually finished this on Monday. I was waiting on my medal . Which have not been passed out yet 😦

This is the Loom Knit Ridges Cowl I made for the Ravelry Ravellenics . Event : Cowl Jump


I had a few issues with it . The cast on edge was too loose. But my team helped me out with that with a video by Purling Sprite. And I washed it which fixed the top and bottom curl.

Looming is so fun! 🙂

A Year of Projects

YOP6 week 6

Another week another project.

The Rio Olympics started on Friday and so did the Ravellenics on Ravelry. I casted on about 8pm. As of this post I am almost done with my first project.. Loom Knit Ridges Cowl.


Lots of pegs to knit and purl. Once I got back in the flow , the the repeats just flew by.  Hopefully I can finish this by tonight.

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