A Year of Projects

YOP5 week 51

Well I am ready for year 6. My non list of projects is ready. I have a few things I need to complete on my current list this week.

I finished 3 more amigurumis. 3 more to make . 12 was my goal. ( actually it was 24 but that was changed months ago..lol)


I made another bag. I saw this granny square mermaid tail bag a few days ago and had to make myself one! I love mermaids! Β I will be making more. I love this pattern!!! The squares made are from a square swap.

mermaid bag

I started the Monkey C2C over with a different background color. Eggshell instead of buff. But I am running out of eggshell. I am at the decrease side so I hope I will have enough to finish the panel.


Here’s a few garden pics… come on Lilies, grow! πŸ™‚


Oh and I finished the Lily Pond Blanket!!!! More pictures are hereΒ .


0ac31-yop2bbannersignature tulip

A Year of Projects

YOP5 weeks 39 and 40

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. My fiance had the weekend off so I was unable to get to the computer and post week 39 and it was a good week, I got a lot done! here is week 39…..

I made this cutie to remember my mom’s pug Max. He would be 17 this April. My step dad had to place him in a Pug Rescue when it was time for my mom to go to a hospice 5 years ago when she had cancer.

And a few more Hook Challenge projects crossed of my list

I used an F hook for this Gingerbread man bust

And I used an I hook for these bunny coasters . I made these for my fiance and my Easter dinner . (Tater Tot casserole….mmmm)

I also learned a new stitch Β that was on my list… Standing Double Crochet. that post is HERE


Β Week 40 was just as good a week…..

I am almost finished the Stewie Amigurumi. 3 down 9 to go.

I am making a curtain for my porch. For the 2 windows I want to cover (bottom half) I will need 16 more squares.

And another new addition… Dr Who nesting bowls. here is the bowl for the 10th dr.

My plans for April : Finish the Lily pond blanket!!!!! It is not fair to all the beautiful pieces to be apart. I need to finalize a few colors for the lily squares. This week I want to slip stitch along the long panels like the pattern suggests. I should of done it when I was making the panels but I wasn’t sure I would have enough Peacock to finish the other blocks.

See ya next week πŸ™‚

Crochet stuff

For the love of the game

I love playing Plants vs. Zombies on my kindle. I almost have the game beat! A few weeks ago I was looking through amigurumi patterns and I found this adorable peashooter and snow pea pattern by Aradiya’s Toys. Instantly I knew I had to make this. But someone saw I was making one and wanted one of her own .. I know her so I don’t mind giving my first peashooter to her. πŸ™‚

I started at about 8 am πŸ™‚

Isnt he cute ?!!!!!