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Finished Friday

I have 4 , yes FOUR hats to show off today. Lets dive right in 🙂

I started this knitted hat last week and I finished it a few days ago. Knitting is so much fun. But the decreasing is stressful. My DPNs( double pointed needles to the non knitters) dont like me. my stitches fall off and I have to pick them up and a few I have to re-knit. I ‘ll get the hang of it someday. This one also has a crocheted brim. I started the decrease too early.


This Pom Pom hat is entirely knit. I’ve had this yarn for a few years and it needed to become something. I love this hat!!!!


If you dont live under a rock or have no life 🙂 then you might of seen people post their version of the messy bun/ponytail beanie. I jumped on the band wagon last night after I saw my facebook newsfeed blow up with crocheters and their beanies.

The first, I used a pattern I had in my ravelry queue.( Urban Shells Beanie ) To make it into a pony tail beanie I just single crocheted 24 around an elastic and continued with the pattern as it was written out. I’m glad I chose this design.  And yes I used the same yarn I used for the knitted hat above 🙂 I have a few skeins of it.

This one I just winged. I wanted something that would let some air through. And we all know I like post stitches, so they’re included too 🙂 I will post this pattern soon (for free) . I chose these colors because its almost Christmas. My fiance and I are going to the Festival of Lights in Mystic CT tonight and I want to wear this.  All I do is wear ponytails so these hats are perfect for me.

Purple Yarn Ball4_1


A Year of Projects

YOP 6 week 19

This was a good week! I made 2 hats that I adore. And an ornament

I finished the Celtic Dream hat. I wanted to make the newsboy version but the source no longer exists. So I will have to wing it. But I absolutely LOVE it . I want to make another with a solid color.


Next up is a Red Heart CAL for November. Twist N Shout Slouchy hat. I loved making this. Mine isn’t a slouchy though. But it fits! Another may be in the works 🙂 I will use a size I or J size hook instead of an H.

And I made an  ornament hat. I made a 9-12 mo size but it fits my teen/ adult mannequin head. Weird. Making more for my shop.


In other news , I will not be continuing with the mermaid tail afghan. I am not liking it too much. I did find another pattern though that I hope I will like more.

This week I will be dedicating my time to my 16 in 2016 list. ( making projects that use graphs ) I have 8 to do.

yop 6 banner 4


A Year of Projects

YOP5 weeks 39 and 40

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. My fiance had the weekend off so I was unable to get to the computer and post week 39 and it was a good week, I got a lot done! here is week 39…..

I made this cutie to remember my mom’s pug Max. He would be 17 this April. My step dad had to place him in a Pug Rescue when it was time for my mom to go to a hospice 5 years ago when she had cancer.

And a few more Hook Challenge projects crossed of my list

I used an F hook for this Gingerbread man bust

And I used an I hook for these bunny coasters . I made these for my fiance and my Easter dinner . (Tater Tot casserole….mmmm)

I also learned a new stitch  that was on my list… Standing Double Crochet. that post is HERE


 Week 40 was just as good a week…..

I am almost finished the Stewie Amigurumi. 3 down 9 to go.

I am making a curtain for my porch. For the 2 windows I want to cover (bottom half) I will need 16 more squares.

And another new addition… Dr Who nesting bowls. here is the bowl for the 10th dr.

My plans for April : Finish the Lily pond blanket!!!!! It is not fair to all the beautiful pieces to be apart. I need to finalize a few colors for the lily squares. This week I want to slip stitch along the long panels like the pattern suggests. I should of done it when I was making the panels but I wasn’t sure I would have enough Peacock to finish the other blocks.

See ya next week 🙂