A Year of Projects

The List:A Year of Projects,Year 8

Here is a some what official list of the projects I want to make this year for a year of projects year 8. my 5th year.

Not all the patterns in my ravelry library will get made , not even half actually. I regret about 65% of those patterns. I will be making the patterns I bought for ME and my home, and a few hats and baby items for my etsy shop, to update it a little bit.

Check out my ravelry library .. Sweeterin


Fly a kite decor (to finish)

Cowl neck Baby Sweater

Mr. Potato Head

Cottage Chic Head wrap


Buttons and Braids Slouchy

Rose Quartz bag

Lunch bag buddies

Cutie Cuffs

cutie pie bands

Bonnet Style Creepy Skull Slouchy

Princess Party Dress

Basket Weave Baby Sweater


Pennant Garden Flag

Halloween Sampler Bag

Baby Pirate Cocoon

Strawberry Babycake cocoon and hat

Hairband headbands

Autism Awareness Puzzle hat

Limerick Tree Cable Scarf


Tom Turkey flag

Witch Upon a Star Scarf

Viola Convertible Cowl

Hourglass Cabled Beanie & Slouch


Rideau River Poncho

Urban Crossover pullover

Pretty In Plaid Jacket

Upside down Santa flag


Free Spirit Knee High Slippers

A little Bit of Everything Stocking trio

Great Big Greenie Meany Scarf ( grinch scarf)

Paint Stripe Scarf


January through June 2019 – coming soon




A Year of Projects

YOP8 wk 3



I hope you all had a great week. ❤

Again my week had been consumed of reading and very little crocheting. I finished another kawaii cuddler. I might add legs.


As I was taking these pictures it was slightly raining. Its been a bit of a gloomy day.

Up next is Frida’s Flowers blanket.

I am making this blanket again. The colors I was using for the other ( that I turned into a table runner, see that here) , I wasn’t feeling . So take 2 here we go.

Colors so far are Bright Orchid, Aran and Rouge. Half hexagons are done. For part 2 I am using Paradise and Papaya.

frida pt 1
Part 1, half hexes
part 1 and 2

I am skipping to part 6 so I can make the blanket from the inside out. I am not sure what colors I should use for the flower… could you help be decide ? 🙂

The only difference is round 3 and 6. the left I used Papaya and the right I used Lavender.

pt 6


Book recommendation for the week : The Light We Lost.



A Year of Projects

A Year of Projects Year 8

Whoa! ( in Joey Lawrence’s voice ❤ )

This is the year….

THIS IS THE YEAR I make something with all those patterns I bought!!!!!

How many years have I said that though? The list keeps getting longer. (current count:218.. Ive made 28. ) I HAVE to make something with them. I wish I could return a few. Why did I buy this  was muttered alot when I was going through the list on ravelry.

My FO for the week is this adorable Catus Kawaii Cuddler. This is the cutest thing I have ever made!!


my WIP are called Snappy Slippers by Snappy tots. I ‘m not sure which I like more.. with the cuff or without.


Ive been reading so much that crocheting has been on the way back burner.  I know I have to make equal amount of time for both my loves.

Book recommendation of the week: The Woman in the Window.

This crazy cute banner above was made by LeftyCrafter on ravelry. ❤