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Throwback Thursday

Its Thursday! You know what that means.

Yup, Something I made many years ago and I want to show it off

Is anyone watching “The Rise of the Pink Ladies ” on Paramount + ? I watched the first episode and haven gone pack yet. I plan to though. Since Grease is my favorite movie.

Here are some panels I made in 2018 for a blanket I need to finish.

Thanks for checking out this Throwback Thursday.

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Crochet stuff

Coming back soon

Its been a while. I will be posting new stuff soon.

Ravelry’s A Year of Projects year 12 is coming to an end on the 30th of June so I will be posting my list of projects / stash busting ideas the first Sunday in July. I haven’t crocheted anything except for my etsy orders for the past few years . I always had fun posting and reading other blogs .

Here is the Charlie Brown scarf I made last year for an order. I love the chevron look of this scarf.

I scheduled a Throwback Thursday post for next week ( 5/18) . Be sure to check that out.

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A Year of Projects year 11, week 1

I have returned! I haven’t posted anything since January 2020. Wow! What a year that was. And if you were wondering… I have made it this long with out getting covid 😁

I barely crocheted anything in the past year and a half. Hat orders for etsy and a few C2C projects. One that I have to finish is… if you have read my blog before…. the FRIENDS blanket. I finished ‘ The One with the Magna Doodle’ and I am now working on ‘ The One with Phoebe’s guitar ‘. Yes its blue. I have not seen one like it. And Phoebe actually used a blue guitar . Its on YouTube as Ross scares Phoebe.

I need to close up a few letters.
I like this soooo much!

In other news:

Books I recommend : Where the Forest Meets the Stars

Image by Yarnma on ravelry

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InCoWriMo 2020, you in?

So International Correspondence Writing MonthΒ  starts in a week (The month of February)Β  .

For the past few weeks I’ve been collecting pen pals in a few Facebook groups. I love writing . I had a few pen pals in my late teens. One I kept writing to until my early 20 and for some reason that I can not remember , we lost touch. I recently found his address online and sent him a card…. I hope he writes back πŸ™‚ I also plan to write a few family members and a friend Ive had for 18 years who lives in Australia.

Back to InCoWriMo….. the idea is to write a letter or post card to people for the month of February. That’s 29 days and 29 people.

A Month of Letters is another site where you can find people to write to during February or all year long. Its up to you. You can make a profile and add friends.

I have my stationary, stickers, and envelopes and a few other supplies all ready to go from a swap I participated in on ravelry !


See you in February ……





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Throwback Thursday!

June 13, 2016- When I finished the biggest item Ive ever made.

Ive actually thought about making another one. With lighter colors, more purple, and another design. There were a few finished designs to choose from depending on how many panels you wanted to make.

Ive wanted to make this a wall hanging but I don’t have enough wall space for something this size yet. For now it sits in an airtight bag.

FINISHED_lily_medium2lily 1