The charity bug bit me a few years ago.  After my mom passed away of a Brain Tumor in March 2011 I wanted to help other chemo patients. I remember my mom mentioning the chemo caps that the ladies were wearing, so i asked a friend of mine who crochets to make my mom a chemo cap.( i didn’t  crochet at the time)  She love it.

That same year that she passed I got into loom knitting and crocheting (my mom taught me to crochet when I was 13 but it never caught on) I started my own small business online called Knits by Erin.

In October of 2012, I found a charity called Halos of Hope. they collect and donate chemo caps . I thought this would be a great way to help out chemo patients around where I live. I became a partner and created Halos of Hope New England. providing all 6 states in NE cancer centers/hospitals with chemo caps. Some times I wish I would of just started small…lol   But I love helping. as I say, I went BIG!

Recently I changed the name of the charity. Under the Halos of Hope name I couldn’t help the homeless, Vets and NICU.  I still help HOH with the New England centers now under a new name I can help more people.


If you would like to help out .check out the facebook link below

Comfort Caps for New England


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