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1 Picture of me ( #NaBloPoMo post)

The last of the 10 day blog challenge. We made it to #1 !!!!! YAY!  Its an easy one… just a picture. But I hate pictures of myself. The pictures you see around WP are from a few years ago if not more. I look the same. Same hair color,same hair style. has not changed since I was a kid. I look weird without bangs.

But today is 1 Picture. I can not get around this.

The pic below is when I was at my lowest in life. I lost my job, lost my apartment , I was back in MA      (not a bad thing) . I was living in my car. Its where I lived for about 2.5 months ( a month in Florida where I was living and about a month and a half in MA.)  Once my younger cousin found out I was back in MA and living in my car ,  his dad, (my uncle), came and got me. I was parked in a Walmart parking lot with the campers. I stayed with them ( in the home I grew up in ) for about a year. I will forever be thankful to that part of my family.

picture was taken at Dighton Rock in Dighton, MA
picture was taken at Dighton Rock in Dighton, MA

Why do I have a Twitter account??

I don’t know why I have a twitter account. It was cool now its like facebook or vice versa. I was going through the people I follow and I have no idea who most of them are. All of the over tweeters were unfollowed. 15 in a row is waaaaay too many for me . I am trying to get into tweeting. Trying to make friends in fields I am interesting in. Following new people , hoping I get followed back. Too many hash tags are annoying and won’t get me to read certain tweets. I understand they are trying to get certain people to read their tweets but OMG every word should NOT have a hash tag in front of it. #not #cool #at #all.

All my posts from here go to twitter but its just the title and the link, no excerpt. ( I guess I can disable that and write something before the link). What ever I post on my facebook fan page goes to twitter. I keep forgetting to disable that. (just disabled it 🙂 )  Now my twitter will be bare. Not that anyone reads my tweets. My analytics is pretty depressing.

Being a better Twit (?) is one goal of mine by the end of this year. Must learn the lingo.




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I just added my awesome blog to BlogHer’s National Blog Post Month blogroll. Its like National Novel Writers Month but with NaBloPoMo bloggers write a post for every day in November.

Why did I choose to do this as well? Punishment? No. I want to write more. I like to write. My life is pretty boring so I hope I can find things to write about all month long and work on my novel for NaNoWriMo.

I plan to not mention anything regarding politics or religion. I don’t want to make any of my readers angry. I plan to use this month to look deep into myself and find the amazing writer I know I can be. Maybe inspire people in some way. Work on my poetry. Work on my vocabulary 🙂

I hope you will follow along with me . I set up a NaBloPoMo category that can be found on the left side of this blog.  Wish me luck!