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Throwback Thursday!

June 13, 2016- When I finished the biggest item Ive ever made.

Ive actually thought about making another one. With lighter colors, more purple, and another design. There were a few finished designs to choose from depending on how many panels you wanted to make.

Ive wanted to make this a wall hanging but I don’t have enough wall space for something this size yet. For now it sits in an airtight bag.

FINISHED_lily_medium2lily 1


A- Z blog challenge

T is for..

Throwback Thursday!

I like picture blogs and I’ve posted a bunch lately. So here is another one in honor of #TBT

me and my mom 10 years ago :)
me and my mom 10 years ago šŸ™‚
My fiance with his niece and nephew about 10 years ago. šŸ™‚