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YOP6 Week 52

Goodbye year 6….

Before year 6 of A Year of Projects is gone for good, ( so depressing) I needed to get a few things finished.

The holiday flag that has been laying around since year 6 started is now done. I’ve been looking at it in my WIPS basket and couldn’t bring myself to finish it the way it was , so I ripped off the tree and voila’ … all done.. and perfect 🙂


I’m at a crossroad with the Gilmore Girls blanket. I had to finish Luke’s Diner. It would bug me if  I didn’t . I am not sure if I will make the other blocks though. I am pretty dedicated to the FRIENDS blanket.  We’ll see.


Another c2c panel that needed to be finished is Aurora. Lack of gold yarn stopped me from finishing this….when I got more it went to the Luke’s Diner panel then the  MagicKarp hats. She is now finished… On to Ariel 🙂



Does anyone remember the Emoji Blanket I was working on? I have 6 emojis done… and I was deciding on what the other 3 will be…. I made the Poo emoji this past week.


And I finished this moss and front post stitch pony tail hat.  ❤


WIPS for the week are this stockinette stitch shawl… it grew a little bit from last week.


And I started another shawl… its called Skewed . its a free pattern on ravelry.


for the last time…. my superhero YOP banner…..

yop 6 banner 4superhero signature ...


A Year of Projects

YoP5 week 50

Week 50 !! It’s almost over!!

I worked on 3 big projects this past week.  Lily Pond blanket ( I just needed a border) , Latticeback bolero (I had to frog the back because it was too high up–too tight) and I joined 6 panels of the Emoji blanket. I need to decide which 3 emojis I want to add. I was thinking halo, poo, and sleep  ( or whatever it’s called.)IMG_20160612_1011361_rewind



I worked on (and will be adding to my year 6 list ) Wildlife Rescue Nests for local rescues.

I started up another hat drive over on my charity facebook page.. Comfort caps for New England. The Summer of Sports. My goal is to get 100 sport themed hats by Aug  and send them to the NE Children’s hospitals. Check out the page if you want to help 🙂

I made this teen sized soccer cap this week.


To the A Year of Projects members , I added the 3rd banner and side bars ( crocheters and knitters) for year 6 to the ravelry thread. I am saving my favorite for last 🙂


signature tulip

P.S. Please check out my other posts 🙂


Crochet stuff

Emoji Blanket

If you are a crocheter than maybe you have heard of a Corner to Corner (c2c for short).

But if you haven’t ( OMG why not?!?!?) then you should check out Repeat Crafter Me‘s amazing C2C blankets. ( Actually check out all of Sarah’s patterns).

I started the emoji panel blanket the first week of February of this year. Like I need another blanket ( Lily Pond blanket and now Frida’s Flowers ) . These panels were hard to resist. They’re so cute!

Since I don’t need another blanket I decided to make a curtain for my craft area.  I can fit 3 across the door (less) frame. I will only be making 9 panels.6 are done… see for yourself ….


I have to sew the ends in but all in all I am happy the way they are turning out. Now to decide what my last 3 emojis will be. A few people I’ve found made others than what Sarah made for the pattern. I will show you later 🙂


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A Year of Projects

YOP5 week 48

Finishing up the few WIPs (works in progress ) I have left. I  had a burst of energy this week and was able to work on a few things.

Finished the Embarrassed emoji.. 3 left 🙂 And I fell in love with these Zoodiacs by 1dogwoof . I waited too long for the monkey! My chinese zodiac animal is the monkey. ( my finance is the Goat..lol) We were born the same year but he was born before the chinese new year. I am thinking about making something with these zoodiacs for my MIL for Christmas . I have to make a few more for her daughter, son in law and 2 kids and their dogs. oh and one for my cat..hehe

The scarf and Tardis nesting bowls are done. 2 more left.


Fruity garland is almost done. This will hang in my kitchen. It will be great motivation to eat better.


Something for the craft fair. Cord tamer.


And 2 hats

By the way #SharkWeek is June 26 🙂