A Year of Projects

YOP5 week 48

Finishing up the few WIPs (works in progress ) I have left. I  had a burst of energy this week and was able to work on a few things.

Finished the Embarrassed emoji.. 3 left 🙂 And I fell in love with these Zoodiacs by 1dogwoof . I waited too long for the monkey! My chinese zodiac animal is the monkey. ( my finance is the Goat..lol) We were born the same year but he was born before the chinese new year. I am thinking about making something with these zoodiacs for my MIL for Christmas . I have to make a few more for her daughter, son in law and 2 kids and their dogs. oh and one for my cat..hehe

The scarf and Tardis nesting bowls are done. 2 more left.


Fruity garland is almost done. This will hang in my kitchen. It will be great motivation to eat better.


Something for the craft fair. Cord tamer.


And 2 hats

By the way #SharkWeek is June 26 🙂


A Year of Projects

YOP5 weeks 39 and 40

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. My fiance had the weekend off so I was unable to get to the computer and post week 39 and it was a good week, I got a lot done! here is week 39…..

I made this cutie to remember my mom’s pug Max. He would be 17 this April. My step dad had to place him in a Pug Rescue when it was time for my mom to go to a hospice 5 years ago when she had cancer.

And a few more Hook Challenge projects crossed of my list

I used an F hook for this Gingerbread man bust

And I used an I hook for these bunny coasters . I made these for my fiance and my Easter dinner . (Tater Tot casserole….mmmm)

I also learned a new stitch  that was on my list… Standing Double Crochet. that post is HERE


 Week 40 was just as good a week…..

I am almost finished the Stewie Amigurumi. 3 down 9 to go.

I am making a curtain for my porch. For the 2 windows I want to cover (bottom half) I will need 16 more squares.

And another new addition… Dr Who nesting bowls. here is the bowl for the 10th dr.

My plans for April : Finish the Lily pond blanket!!!!! It is not fair to all the beautiful pieces to be apart. I need to finalize a few colors for the lily squares. This week I want to slip stitch along the long panels like the pattern suggests. I should of done it when I was making the panels but I wasn’t sure I would have enough Peacock to finish the other blocks.

See ya next week 🙂

A Year of Projects · Crochet stuff

YOP5 week 24

I’ve been busy putting together my 15 in 2015 project posts this week. I haven’t even finished my projects..hehe. I may have like 4 left. But there is plenty of time still left in the year to get them done.

Other than that I finished up my big order. I think I may be able to show them now since my customer received and loves everything… this isnt everything I made but its just a sample.

I was asked to make 6  Dr. who related bags. 3 dalek and 3 tardis. and 10 Ood lip balm cozies. I loved making the bags. I may make smaller ones and sell them in my shop.The only thing I sell in my etsy shop is a Tardis hat that needs an update. Speaking of the Tardis hat. I received an order last week for one. Its been a while. oh and a sock monkey hat. Another hat I haven’t made in a while.

I realized that all my hats in my etsy shop need an update. They are just too boring. I know I need to add a whole lot more items. but I suck at descriptions.

No pic of the tardis, other than in my shop. I forget to take pictures of my orders. This was last week before shipping out.

I finished the Christmas Wreath Square. It just needs blocking .

Cookie scarf is almost complete. I need to make the hood and some holly for the top hat. The top hat will go on the hood.

And we can’t forget about the Grinch!! I love the Grinch.. just not this one. I will be pulling out one of his eyes so they join.

That’s it for now.