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Dieting makes me sick

Literally makes me sick ….

Ive been sick for the past few days just when I am planning out my meal plan ( more in a bit) and I catch Jon’s cold. My nose is stuffy and I cant taste anything. Oh and the sneezing.

Last time i was sick I was just starting the military diet. 1 day and I was done. All food was gross. (this was because of Jon )

Since I posted about losing weight last month, Ive been cutting back. We haven’t gone out to eat, well thats mainly do to wanting to save money since we needed heating oil and Jon’s ER visit bill was paid . So I have been forced to cut back..hehe nah, willingly. Ive been eating salad dressing that is yogurt based, mini cans of soda. ( i need to stop drinking soda ..again) and been snacking on oranges.

I found something on Pinterest about an hard boiled egg diet. 2 eggs and an orange for breakfast, salad for lunch and chicken and salad for dinner. This is the meal plan i was gonna start when I got sick. you just eat the above with a few variations for dinner, fish steamed veggies for 2 weeks. This I can get on board with .

Tonight is food shopping night so I will be getting some chicken , more salad dressing, veggies and eggs. And whatever the non dieters( but should be on one) want.

Oh and I lost 3 pounds. If you see it… tell them I moved to the moon 🙂







Diet and Exercise

Dear Readers,

Dear readers,

Would you mind if I post about my struggles with losing weight? I know this is mainly a crochet/knitting/ loom/ yarn blog , but this could be funny… or sad or down right

People say keep a journal… this is my journal.

Maybe we can do it together. If you have a blog (or just some posts) about losing weight, leave the link in the comments. images (1)

I am thinking my first post will be on Friday , the day after I go food shopping. 🙂



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The Walking Crocheter

I have a plan to lose weight and crochet more…. because I dont crochet enough.. yeah right.

I plan to walk 2 miles every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.. weather permitting. My first project will be a scarf for the special Olympics.

I started yesterday (Thursday) . I have to say its a little weird walking while focusing on something in your hands. I almost ran in to a

A few people asked what I was doing.. mainly cops . The first one was giving someone a ticket on the other side of the road when he noticed me.. He asked what I was doing in a curious tone . I said I am making a scarf for the special Olympics. He smiled and told me to pay attention to my surroundings.  ( today’s tip DONT SPEED)

The second one was pulling out of the gas station and asked me what I was doing, I told him . He told me his mother and sister knit and told me to be careful.

I had to stop when I reached the highway on and off ramps. I definitely need to pay attention around there.

My destinations was my fiances work.  which is 2 miles from our house. I was early so I sat in the car. I left our place at about 2:30 and according to the clock outside of the bank before I stopped it was 3:04. I got a good chunk done in that time.


I will keep you updated 🙂

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Sharing a diet tip

I am shocked at this result. With barely no exercise other than walking to the post office and store ( and shoveling .. damn snow) a few times a week, I have lost 13 lbs in a few weeks just giving up caffeine. I drink a few glasses of soda in a day.. I know, not good at all.  I use to drink diet soda but with the aspartame side effects I stopped ( the effect it had on me will be in another post soon). So I started drinking regular soda, cherry coke, mountain dew…  for the past 4 years I’ve been the same weight.

Over the last few months, I’ve been cutting down on a lot of food. No more snacks when I crochet. No seconds at dinner, no matter how yummy it was. But giving up caffeine was big!

( I didn’t realize cropping would make the picture blurry)

How I gave it up..While in the soda aisle at the grocery store,  I noticed that weight watchers had their own soda. NO caffeine, NO sugars, NO calories, etc. and they had root beer. I picked one up, and what do you know , it tasted like root beer ! After a few days I got over the head aches but I still sneak a small glass of my fiance’s cherry coke one and a while but other than that I’ve been good .

It sucks that soda is cheaper than juice. Which I drink ( cranberry 100% ) but with it being $3+ a bottle  and being on a budget , it stays off my shopping list most weeks. I eat more fruit ( I could live on oranges and white grapes ) , I drink more water ( Fruit 2.0, our tap water is iffy) and salads for lunch.

Cutting back on a few more things and saying no to caffeine, I think I will hit my goal by summer ! 🙂


Diet and Exercise

So far so good- ish

My boyfriend doesn’t seen to know what the word no means. He is in no form following the 21 day challenge. At home I feed him the good stuff, but at work he can buy chips and soda, and whatever else he can get his hands on.

I am doing pretty good. I haven’t had any chips , or pastries,. but soda is my weakness. I have a bottle of water a day and a glass or 2 of soda. I seem to be addicted to caffeine.  I gave it up for 2 days and ! had a massive headache.

for snacks I either eat salads or an orange or popcorn(weight watchers) . Last night I bought a few Smart ones meals. 6 for $10 isn’t bad. I will be buying more. must make room in freezer first. 🙂 bye bye boyfriend’s ice cream!

oh and I can fit in to a pair of jeans I could fit into a few weeks ago!! yay me!!