Temperature Blanket 2016

Temperature Blanket 2016 update

The end of 2016 is so close and I realized I have not posted a separate update for the Temperature blanket in a few months.

As you can see , not many HOT days. Nothing over 100 degrees. But It was quite humid on some days. The orange squares are the 90s .


Thankfully by September it started to cool off. Almost hoodie weather 🙂


I marked Halloween on the last square, as you can see. I have a heart for Valentines day and a shamrock for St Patrick’s day attached . I need to add a few more.

The November squares are being made this week and will be crocheted to  the other squares this month. I am a little behind but making the squares is a bigger part than sewing them together , I think.

I just can wait for this blanket to be done. 🙂 So I can choose the colors and design for the 2017 temperature blanket.

91 and above – Pumpkin

81 – 90            Papaya

71 – 80            Rouge

61 -70             Lavender

51 – 60            Orchid

41 – 50            Bright Orchid

31 – 40            Turquoise

21 – 30            Delft Blue

11 – 20            Jade

10 and below- Peacock

A Year of Projects, Temperature Blanket 2016

YOP6 week 15

Hello again and welcome to week 15.

I FINALLY finished the Year of the Monkey C2C block. Why didn’t anyone tell me that Aran and eggshell are the same color?!?!?! I went to Walmart yesterday and noticed a skein that looked a lot like the color I needed. I almost didn’t by it. I am glad I did though.


I made another cowl…. I Love this cowl. The stitch is called 3 step stitch. My work looks different from the video but I know I did it correct. Maybe its the loom.


I have to work on my bind offs. But I like it 🙂


Something for my favorite season….. Falling Pumpkins Wall hanging.   I added the curls and my own leaf. How I did them are on my project page.


And my squares for August are made… September is next . Then sew them to the blanket.I cant believe there is only a few months left of this year.


yop 6 banner 4


Crochet stuff, Temperature Blanket 2016, WIPS

WIP Wednesday

I am still working on the Princess vs Villains  c2c CAL. This week I am working on Aurora ( Sleeping Beauty) and Cruella Deville . She isn’t part of Two Hearts Crochet CAL , someone from the facebook group used fiddle stitch to make up the graph.. along with many others.



Since its the last week of the August, I need to make the squares for the month for my Temperature Blanket .

Rouge and Papaya are below. Many more to go.





A Year of Projects, Temperature Blanket 2016

YOP5 week 47

Not much to show for this week. I am so over these projects. Why did I pick them? I had this feeling at the end of last year as well. I think I am just too excited for year 6. My list is ready to go 🙂

But no matter how I feel I have to push through and finish my projects.

I plan to remove all projects from my queue on Ravelry and only have projects that are on my year 6 list.  I will share more of my evil plan later.. 😀  Also all my post will be here on wordpress.

Now on to the crochet pretties.

bee flag
Pattern by Snappy Tots


Lots of purple in my temp blanket . Good thing I like purple 🙂

And my Frida’s Flowers blanket so far


With the list I still have, I have to make a bunch of items for the craft fair this summer. Its a weekly event so I need lots of stuff .




Crochet stuff, Temperature Blanket 2016

Temperature Blanket : March 2016

So much purple in March. There were a few more snow days.

3/1- 3/7

A few cold days sandwiched in the middle.

3/8 -3/14

Rouge made another appearance. I am hoping to see more of that color in April. 🙂

  3/15- 3/21

(3/17 was St, Patrick’s day so I added a shamrock to the square)

3/22- 3 /31

The high for the month 72 ( rouge) and the low for the month 31 ( turquoise – with snow) .

91 and above – Cream

81 – 90            Perfect Pink

71 – 80            Rouge

61 -70             Lavender

51 – 60            Orchid

41 – 50            Bright Orchid

31 – 40            Turquoise

21 – 30            Delft Blue

11 – 20            Jade

10 and below- Peacock