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WIP Wednesday

I am still working on the Princess vs Villains  c2c CAL. This week I am working on Aurora ( Sleeping Beauty) and Cruella Deville . She isn’t part of Two Hearts Crochet CAL , someone from the facebook group used fiddle stitch to make up the graph.. along with many others.



Since its the last week of the August, I need to make the squares for the month for my Temperature Blanket .

Rouge and Papaya are below. Many more to go.





A Year of Projects

YOP 6 week 9

I put my mind to it and I finished 4 things!! 🙂 Yay me! lol

Evil Queen c2c done!

The C2C squares are part of the Princess vs Villains C2C CAL at Two Hearts Crochet.


Something new in my shop. Dino booties! Matching hat(s) coming soon.

dino booties 9-12 mo

Frankenstein Headband complete! I love this . I love the post stitches. Cute little Frankie.


I am amazed at myself for finishing Cinderella so soon. I started her on Thursday , right after I finished the Evil Queen. And she was done yesterday. Besides all the ends on the back. 🙂


I started the Sleeping Beauty c2c square last night but I want to take a break from crocheting today because my wrist hurt last night so I don’t want to make it worse by over crocheting.

Back to my book…. David Spade’s memoir …lol

yop 6 banner 4

Crochet stuff

On this day…

On this day last year I ran out of yarn for the C2C ( corner to corner ) project I was working on. It was part of my A year of projects 5 week 2.

This year , while working on another C2C project, Year of the Monkey zoodiac I ran out of yarn . UGH!! I am on the last corner. Almost finished.


When I run out of yarn for a personal project I don’t go the store right away. Like my other C2C project I waited months to get more yarn . I found a few listings for the yarn I need on etsy so I may have to order some instead of making my fiance drive me from Walmart to Jo-anns to A.C Moore to Hobby Lobby . I’d enjoy it but he wouldn’t…lol


A Year of Projects

YOP5 week 51

Well I am ready for year 6. My non list of projects is ready. I have a few things I need to complete on my current list this week.

I finished 3 more amigurumis. 3 more to make . 12 was my goal. ( actually it was 24 but that was changed months


I made another bag. I saw this granny square mermaid tail bag a few days ago and had to make myself one! I love mermaids!  I will be making more. I love this pattern!!! The squares made are from a square swap.

mermaid bag

I started the Monkey C2C over with a different background color. Eggshell instead of buff. But I am running out of eggshell. I am at the decrease side so I hope I will have enough to finish the panel.


Here’s a few garden pics… come on Lilies, grow! 🙂


Oh and I finished the Lily Pond Blanket!!!! More pictures are here .


0ac31-yop2bbannersignature tulip

Crochet stuff

Emoji Blanket

If you are a crocheter than maybe you have heard of a Corner to Corner (c2c for short).

But if you haven’t ( OMG why not?!?!?) then you should check out Repeat Crafter Me‘s amazing C2C blankets. ( Actually check out all of Sarah’s patterns).

I started the emoji panel blanket the first week of February of this year. Like I need another blanket ( Lily Pond blanket and now Frida’s Flowers ) . These panels were hard to resist. They’re so cute!

Since I don’t need another blanket I decided to make a curtain for my craft area.  I can fit 3 across the door (less) frame. I will only be making 9 panels.6 are done… see for yourself ….


I have to sew the ends in but all in all I am happy the way they are turning out. Now to decide what my last 3 emojis will be. A few people I’ve found made others than what Sarah made for the pattern. I will show you later 🙂


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