A Year of Projects

YOP8 wk 3



I hope you all had a great week. ❤

Again my week had been consumed of reading and very little crocheting. I finished another kawaii cuddler. I might add legs.


As I was taking these pictures it was slightly raining. Its been a bit of a gloomy day.

Up next is Frida’s Flowers blanket.

I am making this blanket again. The colors I was using for the other ( that I turned into a table runner, see that here) , I wasn’t feeling . So take 2 here we go.

Colors so far are Bright Orchid, Aran and Rouge. Half hexagons are done. For part 2 I am using Paradise and Papaya.

frida pt 1
Part 1, half hexes
part 1 and 2

I am skipping to part 6 so I can make the blanket from the inside out. I am not sure what colors I should use for the flower… could you help be decide ? 🙂

The only difference is round 3 and 6. the left I used Papaya and the right I used Lavender.

pt 6


Book recommendation for the week : The Light We Lost.



7 thoughts on “YOP8 wk 3

  1. Difficult to say, I love both colours. The papaya adds a little extra spice to it but the lavender tone in tone looks lovely too. I really can’t decide which one I like better. That cuddler is extra cute,


  2. I feel like the Papaya flower has more contrast and holds it own better against the other elements. They’re both very pretty though!

    I’m envious of your rain. We’re hoping for some tomorrow. We haven’t had more than a minute of rain in weeks!


  3. I think I’d have to see the flowers on the area they would sit. I like both color combinations, so I think what is laying under the flowers would determine which I liked better for the application. Sorry I’m of no help, I realize.


  4. I am with Becki. I would need to see where the flowers sit to decide. Thi papaya adds some oompf and the lavender is soothing.

    Another cute cuddler done. You go. Thanks for the book recommendation.


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