Cooking with Erin

Bread Bowls and Potato Soup.. The result

I have found my new favorite dish!!!! I was a bit nervous about making bread from scratch but it came out amazing….

My fiance helped which made it fun šŸ™‚

bread bowl 2

This is his creation, as he called it.

That is just before it had to sit for 35 minutes to expand. Which wasn’t much. I was able to get about 6 round loafs out of it. I only cooked 4 though. They don’t look like bowls at all. I plan on shaping them more next time.

bread bowls

After they were cool I pulled some of the dough out for the soup. Here is the recipe I use for the bread bowls…. You can see that my bowls look NOTHING like theirs.

I also made Potato soup, also a first. I didn’t add any of the spices ( dill weed?) . It came out great with just the potatoes, chicken broth, cheese , a bit of salt and the heavy cream substitute I made. ( 1/3 melted butter and 3/4 milt- add one tbs of flour if using low fat milk.),

I added more cheese and bacon to the top. Since I wasn’t sure if the bowls would hold the soup , I placed the bread bowl in to a soup bowl .

Jon can’t stop talking about it ! šŸ™‚ It was SOOOO YUMMY!Ā bread bowlThings I would do differently …. Since making the bread takes a little over 2 hours to make, I will have to start at about 2:30 . I think I started the bread around 3:20. We at about 6. We usually have dinner at 5. Ā  Like I mentioned, I want to shape the dough a bit more so they come out looking like bowls or close to it. oh and take better pictures!!

I can’t wait to make this dish again!!!!!

Cooking with Erin

Its time to go food shopping !!

A chore I dread every Thursday.

Whats on the list? The usual… meats, lettuce , bananas, lunch meats, milk, eggs, tp, pt, noodles, veggies…. but this Friday I want to make bread bowls and soup for my fiance’s and my at home date night . I just need some dry yeast and cornmeal, I have everything else.

This will be my first time making bread bowls… any kind bread actually. I’m excited !!! I love cooking.

This is just in time for Foody Friday which I want to get more into. Ā I usually don’t take pictures of the food I prepare because of bad lighting in my itty bitty kitchen. I started a blog on blogger last year about my food adventures but like I said before I don’t take many pictures of my food. The Simple Foody blog is just a few recipes.

I am hoping for great sales since I have not gotten into the coupon craze yet. I know I should. My shopping trip is a bit simpler that Stop and Shop has one of those scanner thingies that card members can carry to scan their items and place in the bags themselves and checking out at the self checkout instead of waiting in line. But even those can be a pain in the a$$.

With my 10 resuable bags in hand I am ready to go…… in 1 hour..hehe