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15 in 2015 Project #8

Project #8 is Mick wizard ornament

Pattern designer : Joann Grimm Thompson

This ornament didn’t take long to make. I’m not a fan of Mickey Mouse but this is an adorable ornament and will look cute on the Christmas tree.

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Finished Friday ! for the tree

Who likes a naked Christmas tree? not me. I LOVE ornaments!!! I found this pattern( The Perfect Swirl Ornament)  on Pinterest and followed it back to one of my favorite sites.. Ravelry. I’ve made a bunch. Making more!

We don’t have room for a Christmas tree so my ornaments get placed around the living room. some on the ceiling , an ornament holder and even my fiance’s computer desk. This year I want to make some ornaments for a local gift shop, and these are perfect.



Pattern by B. Hooked Crochet