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Foody Friday

This past Sunday I posted a picture of the Baked Pickles I made on my facebook fan page. I got more shares and views on one post than I think I ever have. ( which is pretty sad).

Those pickles were sooooo good! I was able to make a few batches with one jar of pickles. Sandwich slices.


Baked Pickles are such a better alternative than snacking on potato chips. Which I have not eaten in weeks. I am in diet mode. 🙂

With only a few ingredients you can have a yummy snack. I believe I spent less that $10 for everything.  I highly recommend these.

here is the link . Baked Pickles . If you make these , post your photos below. 🙂

Cooking with Erin

Bread Bowls and Potato Soup.. The result

I have found my new favorite dish!!!! I was a bit nervous about making bread from scratch but it came out amazing….

My fiance helped which made it fun 🙂

bread bowl 2

This is his creation, as he called it.

That is just before it had to sit for 35 minutes to expand. Which wasn’t much. I was able to get about 6 round loafs out of it. I only cooked 4 though. They don’t look like bowls at all. I plan on shaping them more next time.

bread bowls

After they were cool I pulled some of the dough out for the soup. Here is the recipe I use for the bread bowls…. You can see that my bowls look NOTHING like theirs.

I also made Potato soup, also a first. I didn’t add any of the spices ( dill weed?) . It came out great with just the potatoes, chicken broth, cheese , a bit of salt and the heavy cream substitute I made. ( 1/3 melted butter and 3/4 milt- add one tbs of flour if using low fat milk.),

I added more cheese and bacon to the top. Since I wasn’t sure if the bowls would hold the soup , I placed the bread bowl in to a soup bowl .

Jon can’t stop talking about it ! 🙂 It was SOOOO YUMMY! bread bowlThings I would do differently …. Since making the bread takes a little over 2 hours to make, I will have to start at about 2:30 . I think I started the bread around 3:20. We at about 6. We usually have dinner at 5.   Like I mentioned, I want to shape the dough a bit more so they come out looking like bowls or close to it. oh and take better pictures!!

I can’t wait to make this dish again!!!!!

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My book of the month….

Foody Friday, and Mario Blanket up date.

Lots to cover in this post and I only have a few minutes to write it… yikes!

Lets start with the Mario Blanket update…. I have finally finished all the squares for my fiance’s Christmas present. Click the link above to see progress if you haven’t been following along. Over the next few weeks I will be sewing the loose squares together. oh joy!

Tonight is date night so I am making bread bowls and potato soup ( see yesterdays post ). It is my first time making either so wish me luck! I will post all pictures this weekend.

My book of the month is a book I didnt know was written up until last week. I love Bridget Jones. I read the first 2 books, then watched the movies. ❤  I was cutting through an aisle last week at Stop N Shop and noticed the 3rd installment of my favorite book series! Bridget Jones- Mad About the Boy. It takes place 14 years after landing Mark Darcy. I don’t want to give anything away to possible fans who read this post. I am not that far in but its funny and confusing… no mention of Mark yet. Just the kids and a boy toy. Maybe I’ll do a book review when I am dome reading. But for now I have to start dinner. Jon is very impatient . 🙂