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Throwback Thursday

Its Thursday! You know what that means.

Yup, Something I made many years ago and I want to show it off

Is anyone watching “The Rise of the Pink Ladies ” on Paramount + ? I watched the first episode and haven gone pack yet. I plan to though. Since Grease is my favorite movie.

Here are some panels I made in 2018 for a blanket I need to finish.

Thanks for checking out this Throwback Thursday.

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Coming back soon

Its been a while. I will be posting new stuff soon.

Ravelry’s A Year of Projects year 12 is coming to an end on the 30th of June so I will be posting my list of projects / stash busting ideas the first Sunday in July. I haven’t crocheted anything except for my etsy orders for the past few years . I always had fun posting and reading other blogs .

Here is the Charlie Brown scarf I made last year for an order. I love the chevron look of this scarf.

I scheduled a Throwback Thursday post for next week ( 5/18) . Be sure to check that out.

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A Year of Projects year 11, week 1

I have returned! I haven’t posted anything since January 2020. Wow! What a year that was. And if you were wondering… I have made it this long with out getting covid 😁

I barely crocheted anything in the past year and a half. Hat orders for etsy and a few C2C projects. One that I have to finish is… if you have read my blog before…. the FRIENDS blanket. I finished ‘ The One with the Magna Doodle’ and I am now working on ‘ The One with Phoebe’s guitar ‘. Yes its blue. I have not seen one like it. And Phoebe actually used a blue guitar . Its on YouTube as Ross scares Phoebe.

I need to close up a few letters.
I like this soooo much!

In other news:

Books I recommend : Where the Forest Meets the Stars

Image by Yarnma on ravelry

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Throwback Thursday!

June 13, 2016- When I finished the biggest item Ive ever made.

Ive actually thought about making another one. With lighter colors, more purple, and another design. There were a few finished designs to choose from depending on how many panels you wanted to make.

Ive wanted to make this a wall hanging but I don’t have enough wall space for something this size yet. For now it sits in an airtight bag.

FINISHED_lily_medium2lily 1


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New Project Monday

If you didnt catch my Year of Projects post from yesterday , check it out here or just continue reading.

I actually have 4 new projects. I always seem to have more than one WIP . ( work in progress) Some I forget for a few weeks, some for months. I have some going on years.

Up first…. I love scarecrows. So I wanted to make a cute little cuddler. ( Pattern by Once Upon a Hook crochet) I have the front and back panels done. This week I plan to make the legs and arms and the other little piecesΒ  for him. Behind the cuddler is a scarecrow flag…. or will be. Pattern by Snappy Tots


yarn heart

Also by Snappy Tots , Sweet Ridges Cupcake bag… I don’t really like working with thick yarn but I wanted to use this skein of Bernat Baby blanket yarn from my stash and Hometown USA Phoenix Azalea.


yarn heart

And closing out this post is Fair Isle slippers from Crochet magazine , Winter 2019 issue. As you can see I just started. I have small feet so I am making the 5/6 size which is the smallest size and they are about a half inch big πŸ™‚