A Year of Projects

Yop 6 week 21

I’ve been knitting a hat.. just messing around. It might be too big so it may become a cowl. I didn’t count the cast on stitches . I just wanted to see if I could make a hat πŸ™‚

I made some apple cinnamon bread…. omg sooo good. This is my first loaf made on Tuesday. this pic makes it look gross but it wasn’t. My second loaf made on Thursday, the bottom stuck to the pan…lol non stick pan my a**..lol still edible so we’re happy.

I finished the Special Olympics scarf.. red and white for Massachusetts. Sent it out on Friday.

I am also working on a 16in2016 project. its an owl. pattern fromΒ Divine Debris


My sweet fiance bought me an early( and probably my only ) Christmas gift. A samsung tablet πŸ™‚ I love it. And now I can do live videos on my facebook fan page πŸ™‚ And annoy my friends on my personal page with live sleeping cat videos…lol

yop 6 banner 4


Crochet stuff

The Walking Crocheter part 2

The Walking Hooker sounds more fun πŸ™‚

Sunday ( 10/16) was my second walk while crocheting. I decided to just double crochet instead of post stitches. I got more rows done that way and I plan to start over. I am not liking this yarn to much. Before the color change it has orange spotting on the white.

I enjoyed my walk . Looking up to look at the changing leaves. I love living in New England. Autumn is my favorite season.

Tuesday I brought my camera. I took a bunch of pictures .

A neighbor has chickens , roosters and ducks.

Look at that color ❀

I live in the same area that Billy Gilman grew up in so yes you read that sign right. ( i am not a fan though. And I do not watch the Voice.)


As I was waiting for my fiance to get out of work, the McDonald’s near by was calling my name. 😦 All I ordered were nuggets.



And here is the new and improved scarf. I went with the moss stitch. So much better than before.


A Year of Projects

YOP5 week 19: I return

Back to my Year of Projects list…. I’ve started my Totoro bag for my kindle and a flat jack scarf(newly added to my list.) , and a few other items.

In my last post I said I wanted to make the Wicked Tutu bag for a weekend getaway. I made it in a few days and I love how it turned out!!!

Pattern : Wicked Tutu bag

Pattern :Β Flat Jack Scarf

Pattern:Β Totoro bag

Pattern: Christmas Wreath Square

Scarf I am making for Maine’s Special Olympics.

Pattern: Hearts Hair Bow

I didnt make anything from my hook challenge list for Halloween since I was so busy making Halloween orders.