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YAY! its FINALLY done!!

What a long 6 months. I am so glad this blanket is done. And so is my fiance. I gave it to him on Christmas. He thought I wouldn’t finish it on time . But I did! 🙂

Mario Blanket DONE

here are a few pictures of its journey.

mario blanket collage


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My book of the month….

Foody Friday, and Mario Blanket up date.

Lots to cover in this post and I only have a few minutes to write it… yikes!

Lets start with the Mario Blanket update…. I have finally finished all the squares for my fiance’s Christmas present. Click the link above to see progress if you haven’t been following along. Over the next few weeks I will be sewing the loose squares together. oh joy!

Tonight is date night so I am making bread bowls and potato soup ( see yesterdays post ). It is my first time making either so wish me luck! I will post all pictures this weekend.

My book of the month is a book I didnt know was written up until last week. I love Bridget Jones. I read the first 2 books, then watched the movies. ❤  I was cutting through an aisle last week at Stop N Shop and noticed the 3rd installment of my favorite book series! Bridget Jones- Mad About the Boy. It takes place 14 years after landing Mark Darcy. I don’t want to give anything away to possible fans who read this post. I am not that far in but its funny and confusing… no mention of Mark yet. Just the kids and a boy toy. Maybe I’ll do a book review when I am dome reading. But for now I have to start dinner. Jon is very impatient . 🙂

A Year of Projects · Crochet stuff

YOP.. week ??

I’m baaaaaack! I have alot of catching up to do! I took some time off of my Yop list to do some Halloween Hat making. Busy Busy!

Now back to my list.. oh how I’ve missed you…

Christmas is just around the corner so I HAVE to finish my fiance’s present!!!!! I was able to get a few more rows of squares done…. one more to go.. all blue.  Then back to sewing! whooo.

mario blanket last 9 rows, 2

mario blanket last 9 rows


This blanket is coming together nicely. I can still remember making the first few squares…

mario blanket collage


I was also able to get to the Breast Cancer Awareness bag. Cross this off my list of purchased pattern finished! 🙂

breast cancer awareness bag



A Year of Projects · Crochet stuff

YOP: week 10

I love knitters. Did anyone else see the Claire Outlander Cowl on Ravelry’s home pages last week?  I am loving that show ( and my fiance is into it too). Claire’s cowl on the show is beautiful and I wanted to make one from the first time I saw it. But I don’t know how to knit and I don’t think it would look the same if I loom knitted it.

After seeing Polly foo foo’s pattern ( and realizing I have the needles the pattern calls for ) I believe I can do it. I just have to learn how to knit 🙂

Now on to stuff I did this past week. I didn’t post my blog to the group last week because I didn’t finish anything , but I did set a few goals.

Sew 8 rows of the Mario Blanket together…….

I love sitting outside-ish. The weather is so nice I can sit out on the screened in porch and sew this blanket. lots and lots of sewing. Above is just 7 rows. I got annoyed with it .., lots and lots of sewing.

Make the Chair Socks…

Here is one chair sock.. I made 2. Not sure if I like them. I LOVE the yarn but I don’t know if its right for chair socks.


here are a few other projects Ive been working on .

I wonder what this could be 🙂

Making a leaf garland


baby hat ( pattern by Snappy Tots. ) that’s all the orange yarn I had so I couldn’t add ear flaps.

P.S. to see my other A year of Projects posts head over to my website . Crochet by Erin


A Year of Projects

Mario Blanket

This blanket is a year in the making. I started it last year with only a few squares. I joined a group called A Year of Projects on a site called Ravelry. If you knit or crochet, weave or spin then you have heard of Ravelry. Anyway… I joined the group so I’d be motivated to finish some projects. One of my biggest projects is a Mario Blanket for my hubby to be. Hes a gamer ( You already know that if you read my precious post) .

Over the past 2 months I have been making squares when I can fit in the time from making hats for customers.

Below are a few pics of my progress….


With in the next week I plan to have the first 8 rows sewn together.