A Year of Projects

YOP6 Week 51

One more week and year 6 will be gone!

For year 7 I will be doing something with all the yarn balls i have… stash slim down is what I am calling it. So to get ready , I have been measuring all my balls .

For the pinks, reds , oranges, and yellows I have about a thousand yards. I havent added the total of the blues, greens, and purples yet. I still have more to do. I’m just giving my yard counter a break πŸ˜†

My FO ( Finished Object) for the the week is the adorable Sumo wrestler ❀ and a loom knitted headband.



And my WIP ( work in progress) is my first shawl…… Stockinette Shawl. its a free pattern on ravelry.


k12259145yop 6 banner 4