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Hello new…Good Riddance Old

I am so far behind on my blogher posts. I always say I want to write more and I don’t. well I actually have something to write about. the writing prompt for May 11 .( yeah I know it was last week.. better late than never)  was What is something you’ve recently replaced in your home? How do you feel about the new item?

How do I feel ? Extatic? For about 5 months our computer chair has been a bit broke. the back of it just about gave out. We’ve had it for almost 2 years (?) Last month my fiance really put the last nail its coffin. The back was almost off the seat I think. If someone sat back on it , it would probably tip over. So what did Jon do? He wrapped electrical tape around it. It held for a day. But electrical tape stretches so he had to buy some clothes line rope.. ( you can laugh if you want) He wrapped the rope around the chair and it seemed to be okay. but the back still leaned back too much.

Why did we wait so long to get a new chair? Taxes. Jon wanted to use the money he was getting back from the state to buy the chair and some other stuff and not spend the federal since he got more back from them. Well its the middle of May and nothing from the state  so he had to dip into his savings and buy a new chair. It was time. Past due actually. That chair really needed to be put out of its misery.

So last weekend we went to Walmart and bought a new chair. YAY!!!We put it together in about 10 minutes. The old chair came out and the new chair went in. It’s very comfortable and we don’t have to worry about tipping over if we sit back 🙂

Now the old chair sits on the porch. I took the wheels part off the seat. Jon just needs to unscrew the arms and back so we can put it in the trash.

We will remember that chair fondly.. HAHAHAHA

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B is for…


There are a few B words I could use… But I have babies on the brain. so this B is for Babies.

Being (almost ) 35 I am not 100% in baby mode. I would love to see what my hubby to be and I would create. Girl or boy ( I want a girl) , would our creation be tall like him or short like me? Would they share my love for crocheting, or his love for gaming, maybe both or neither. Would we be proud parents of a gay,lesbian or trans gender child? ( i say hell yeah! 🙂 ) We would support our child no matter what!

Would we have the strength if we had an autistic child or if they had another handicap, disability  ( I am not sure if that is the right would- I don’t want to offend anyone)  No one know unless it happens.

Will we have enough money to send them to college if they don’t get a scholarship? Jon and I both missed having a college experience. We both dropped out of high school. I got my diploma through an online course.  He doesn’t think getting his diploma or GED would change is life. He likes is job.

This is a big one for me… Would our child hate us? After never ending love and support would they say it wasn’t enough?

Being able to hold our baby and look in to their beautiful eyes would be enough. We’d be able to get through anything. Even if they hate us we can say ok but we still love you.


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A is for ….. A-Z blog challenge( a day late)

April snuck up on me. I was all set to participate in the A-Z blog challenge but I have no theme. A theme would make this so much easier than just random post about the next letter of the alphabet.

Wait, my blog does have a theme.. ME. It states at the top that this blog goes beyond the hooks, yarn and looms.  Its not an interesting theme if you don’t know me . If you read my post everyday or weekly and I bore you … I apologize 🙂

So here we go.. A is for APRIL. yup April. My favorite month. Why? I was born in April. The 9th to be exact. I came out foot first, then butt. And my mom reminded me almost every year of that. 🙂 She use to say I was testing the air first. If it was too cold I’d probably climb back in 🙂 Cold weather is not cool. << that was

I love spring. Flowers start pushing through the dirt. Everything starts over, the grass, the leaves in the trees. And the birds sing their sweet songs.

I love getting my small garden ready. But this month it might be a challenge. Since there is still snow on the ground.( insert curse word here)  The area where my garden is only gets morning direct sun. So the snow isn’t melting as fast as the rest of the yard.

April is when I get married. At the end of the month.. but that is another post. And that same week my first and only so far great niece will be 2 years old.   🙂 April is a good month.

Until next time,


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1 Picture of me ( #NaBloPoMo post)

The last of the 10 day blog challenge. We made it to #1 !!!!! YAY!  Its an easy one… just a picture. But I hate pictures of myself. The pictures you see around WP are from a few years ago if not more. I look the same. Same hair color,same hair style. has not changed since I was a kid. I look weird without bangs.

But today is 1 Picture. I can not get around this.

The pic below is when I was at my lowest in life. I lost my job, lost my apartment , I was back in MA      (not a bad thing) . I was living in my car. Its where I lived for about 2.5 months ( a month in Florida where I was living and about a month and a half in MA.)  Once my younger cousin found out I was back in MA and living in my car ,  his dad, (my uncle), came and got me. I was parked in a Walmart parking lot with the campers. I stayed with them ( in the home I grew up in ) for about a year. I will forever be thankful to that part of my family.

picture was taken at Dighton Rock in Dighton, MA
picture was taken at Dighton Rock in Dighton, MA
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2 Songs

Whooooooo we are almost done with this blog challenge but not NaBloPoMo.

Here are 2 songs I love at the moment….

Shake it off by Taylor Swift. The video is cute

Buzz Kill by Luke Bryan – He tells it how it really feels when most people see their ex!

Bonus: 2 Singers/bands I adore at the moment

Lea Michelle. the girl can sing!!!

Thousand Foot Krutch- where has this band been hiding?