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YOP7 week 4

I was going to do the A year of Projects posts every other week so I wasn’t in a rush to get something started or finished to show….. But I have to show off this amazing FO !!!!


Its called Mermaid’s Cowl. I really love this stitch. I used a g size hook instead of the H the pattern called for. The yarn is Caron Simply Soft: Pink Camo. I used all but a little ball of this yarn. Its also not as wide as the pattern. It covers the neck( my mannequin head has a longer neck than I do..lol) .

And for my WIP… Another crochet along by Chaos and Chop Suey.  This one is for Grease. One of my all time favorite movies.  Week one is Pink Ladies. I am at the decrease 🙂 I will finish the other half over the next few days so I do not fall behind 🙂



Patterns used:

Mermaid’s Cowl  ( free pattern on Bernat design studio)

Chaos and Chop Suey Grease Blanket CAL ( this is a paid pattern..$8 on ravelry)

my yop7

A Year of Projects, Crochet stuff, Knitting Adventures

YOP7 week 3

hmmm where to start… WIPS, FO’s or frogged stuff.

FO’s are fun…..


Yup thats it for finished objects. 🙂  Its so cute! I really adore it. (Pattern link at bottom of post)


The Flower Power Valance is coming along nicely 🙂 I only have 5 so far. IMG_4075

I started a scarf ( FiFi scarf). I really wanted to use this massive ball of Red Heart in Artist Print. I believe its a full skein. I really love this color way ❤ ❤


If you saw my Frogged It! post earlier in the week , you know whats next.

I had to frog the 2016 Temperature Blanket . I had no use for it. These are all the squares bagged up… Check out the Frogged It! post to see the before pic 🙂 IMG_4085


I can’t let all those squares just sit around so Ive made a few things with them…



Top: an almost finished needle/pencil case.

Bottom: Headband

right side : Scarf. I had to add a few purple and white since they were the snow days. But we didn’t have many warm snow days.

Patterns used:

FiFi scarf ( free download)

Cactus ( free download from website)

Flower Power Valance  ( free on website)


Have a happy week 🙂

my yop7


A Year of Projects

A Year of Projects week 1 Year 7 !!!!!!

Hello and Welcome to A year of Projects Year 7 ( didn’t I say that for year 6 ? lol) I’m Erin.. This is my blog 🙂  <—- I do that a lot here.  Please check out our awesome Ravelry group.  .

So a major part of my year 7 of a year of projects is to slim down my yarn stash . I have so many balls of yarn , its insane. Not all have been photographed or measured yet. I made a bundle of patterns on ravelry for all these balls of yarn , especially the worsted weight. But overthinking like I do, I just might make a 10 stitch blanket.


A big stash buster will be the Flower Power Valance .. I will be making 2. Here is one of many 🙂 The next photo is the beginning of the Echinopsis Cactus. I love crocheted plants. They dont die and are cat safe 🙂 🙂  my other WIP is a Endless Summer Tunic. Its so simple. I might add another color but for now its Aran ( red heart ).




Not being a big fan of pink I want to use up all the pink I have. Here are 2 projects that helped me with that. I used the same ball of sparkly pink for both projects. Unknown brand. Its the lighter pink for the piggy container and the darker pink for the granny square.


I love the v-cluster stitch for this Pumpkin Jar Cozy! I used a pickle jar . Yarn used is Carrot and light sage (?) from Red Heart. 🙂



Patterns I used: 

Flower Power Valance 

Echinopsis Cactus

Caroline’s Endless Summer tunic

Ami baskets- Piggy 

Pumpkin Jar Cozy