A Year of Projects

Yop 6 week 21

I’ve been knitting a hat.. just messing around. It might be too big so it may become a cowl. I didn’t count the cast on stitches . I just wanted to see if I could make a hat 🙂

I made some apple cinnamon bread…. omg sooo good. This is my first loaf made on Tuesday. this pic makes it look gross but it wasn’t. My second loaf made on Thursday, the bottom stuck to the pan…lol non stick pan my a**..lol still edible so we’re happy.

I finished the Special Olympics scarf.. red and white for Massachusetts. Sent it out on Friday.

I am also working on a 16in2016 project. its an owl. pattern from Divine Debris


My sweet fiance bought me an early( and probably my only ) Christmas gift. A samsung tablet 🙂 I love it. And now I can do live videos on my facebook fan page 🙂 And annoy my friends on my personal page with live sleeping cat videos…lol

yop 6 banner 4


Crochet stuff

First Quarter of 16 in 2016 projects

Well its April and that means 1) I am late with posting the first quarter projects and 2) I need to get my butt in gear with this list.

In know I said in my first post I was not going to switch out any projects. Well that wouldn’t be me if I didn’t change it.

In March I was  asked to make a baby blanket.

It was a bit of a pain. the graph I bought didn’t have any written instruction ( which I knew when I bought the pattern ) So I had to count every little square.

It looks better in person.

I made this scarf to wear on St Patrick’s Day when I went food shopping… well it was in the 60s so I would of looked silly wearing it. There is always next year.  (Pattern by Repeat Crafter Me)

Crochet stuff

16 in 2016 project list

So I started the first project on my 16 in 2016 list. I thought I would get an early start on the posts so I am not doing everything at the last minute like last month. I also plan not to change any of the projects. Wish me luck on that. I will be making projects where I will be using a graph.

I tried to gather a list that wasn’t all hats. But I can also count those towards the 52 hats list . ( another Ravelry group) . I always set out to make 52 ( other than orders ) but I never complete the 52.

ALso I will be posting these posts on Pinterest so if you are one of the many people on pinterest, please follow the board here. I may even open it up for others to add their 16 in 2016 projects.

here is my list in no particular order…

1. The Force Awakens toque

2. Skaters rule Skateboard graph

3. Crown Graph hat

4. Trees go Round Adult Christmas hat

5. Game of Thrones sigil fingerless gloves

6. Bikini dishcloth

7. Aries graph earwarmer

8. Skull beanie

9. Coffee time Potholder

10. Ring Around the hearts beanie

11. Shamrock beanie

12. Bunny Basket

13. Awareness Ribbon hat

14. Autism Awareness Graph beanie

15. Mario Mushroom  hat

16. Cupcake hat

re-reading my list…. yup, I am happy with it 🙂

Do you have a 16 in 2016 list? Post it in the comments !