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YOP7 week 4

I was going to do the A year of Projects posts every other week so I wasn’t in a rush to get something started or finished to show….. But I have to show off this amazing FO !!!!


Its called Mermaid’s Cowl. I really love this stitch. I used a g size hook instead of the H the pattern called for. The yarn is Caron Simply Soft: Pink Camo. I used all but a little ball of this yarn. Its also not as wide as the pattern. It covers the neck( my mannequin head has a longer neck than I do..lol) .

And for my WIP… Another crochet along by Chaos and Chop Suey. Β This one is for Grease. One of my all time favorite movies. Β Week one is Pink Ladies. I am at the decrease πŸ™‚ I will finish the other half over the next few days so I do not fall behind πŸ™‚



Patterns used:

Mermaid’s CowlΒ  ( free pattern on Bernat design studio)

Chaos and Chop Suey Grease Blanket CALΒ ( this is a paid pattern..$8 on ravelry)

my yop7

Crochet A Longs

Gilmore Girls CAL: My Journey,part 1

Another C2C CAL has caught my attention. I know I haven’t finished the Princess and Villains C2C CAL yet, but this one is sooo much more important!! Its the GILMORE GIRLS!!!!!

I wasn’t a fan of the show when it aired in 2000 but since hearing about the revival I wanted to check it out to see what the hype was about. I finished all 7 seasons in about 2 months thanks to Netflix and watched A Year in the Life in 2 nights. ( and have since re watched winter and spring) . I can see why so many people love that show.

I dont remember how I found the C2C CAL by Chaos & Chop Suey But I am glad I did. Angela designed amazing squares .

After much thinking , my first squares are going to be Luke’s diner sign and theΒ  Love Rocket Β Logan gave Rory. ( my 2 fav guys).


About half way done. Up next is the Love Rocket πŸ™‚


Crochet stuff, WIPS

WIP Wednesday

I know I should be working on my Ravellenic games loom projects but my hooks were SCREAMING at me this week.

The Princess vs Villains C2C CAL started last week over at Two Hearts Crochet. And since it is part of my A Year of Projects, I need to get this started. I won’t be making all the villains , only 4, my faves.

So week one is Snow White and the Evil Queen. When I think of these two I think about Mary Margaret and Regina on Once Upon a Time. ( the ABC show.) Β πŸ™‚ The other Princess and Villain are Cinderella and Lady Tremaine.

First 10 rows

I love Snow White… can you tell ? πŸ™‚

Hook and stitch markers were made by Puka Pey( also the bobbins in the top picture)






Crochet stuff

CAL coming soon!


I decided not to do the teaching crochet Crochet Corner , Instead I will be having a month long CAL (Crochet A Long ) and teach any stitches I need to. I have so many hat orders and personal items I have to get done, the CAL seems like a better idea.