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To Knit or Not to Knit

I’ve wanted to learn to knit for a while now. More than just casting on. I learned how to crochet by my mom when I was 13 (1993) . I wanted to make a blanket for my first nephew who was due in March of 1994.  My mom made one for me when I was born so she seemed like a good enough teacher… I did not have the patience for crocheting . My tension was too tight and I gave up in a few months. never finishing or coming close to making that blanket.

Me at one with the blanket my mom made me.


In the fall of 2011, Months after my mom passed of brain cancer I picked up loom knitting. Seemed easy and fun… and boy was it.  A year after, I picked up my hook again , The same one my mom taught me with and I instantly felling love .  I wish my mom was still here to see what I’ve made. She of course would be asking me to make a bunch of stuff for her..hehe and I would be happy to make it.

I see knitting as a huge challenge. I’ve tried it before and like learning to crochet for the first time at 13,  I didn’t have the patience. Casting on was a breeze and I could do it all day but it wouldn’t get me anywhere. I’d just have a really long chain.

One of the things I wanted to accomplish this year was to learn to knit. But I need a project .  I saw this Totoro graph in a ravelry group I am in . I can easily use it for a crochet project but I like the way it looks knitted.

I want to learn and I will accomplish something in the next few months. Like I need more projects! But I set my mind to it and it WILL get done 🙂

I hope you will follow my possibly short journey and if you are a knitter , share some tricks and tips.

More later,

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Gardening:Always a work in progress

I have inherited my mother’s “green thumb”. Well sorta. Since she passed 5 years ago my want to garden has increased.
We rent so I cant have a huge garden like I want. We have a tiny patch along our walkway. It gets minimal sun. The landlord planted 3 lily plants (which I love) years ago. My MIL hates them. They stay because I take care of the garden 🙂

This was from a few years ago.

These were just taken this past Tuesday….. I have so much to do ! 🙂
This is one of the lilies with snow from monday


How it looks at about 1pm. too much shade.


My poor Hydrangea 😦  Last year it didn’t bloom at all. I hope it does this year. Its a pretty blue.
As I was weeding my garden last weekend ( before the snow) I noticed I need more soil. I want to do something with those trellis things, even if I have to crochet something,( morning glories perhaps).
The garden definitely needs a new design layout.
I hope my MIL doesn’t buy any tacky garden decorations this year. In the top picture you can see a few ducks on sticks. So corny. lol . I want to place a few bird feeders in the garden this year. I don’t like birds but they remind me of my mom who loved them .
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YOP5 week 23

This past week has been productive. I finished up a big order of Dr. Who related items. Can’t share yet. I made them exclusively for my friend Traci over at Blue Box Balm.

I also finished this wicked awesome Santa hat! This was a pretty simple pattern to follow. I added it to my etsy shop and I am hoping that someone buys one ( or 2 🙂 ) so I can make more 🙂  The one below is MINE!! 🙂 hehe

I made the dress and apron for the Alice in Wonderland doll. The apron just needs a few more things before being 100 % finished. Arms and legs are this coming week!

I just don’t know when to stop making more projects, Below I have started a pattern by Snappy tots .  Hooded Cookie Scarves. The one I am making is the snowman version. She also had a gingerbread boy/girl version. So cute!

This was last night. Both snowman pockets have been finished, I just didn’t take another photo.


It feels like I am forgetting something….. that’s gonna bug me all day.

For this week:

Finish all WIPS. theres the ones above, the Snoopy scarf ( I want to make a dancing snoopy hat and a woodstock hat to go with the scarf)

Totoro purse. he needs eyes, a nose and ears.

Christmas Wreath square.

And the Gingerbread Stocking I showed last week. I’ve noticed that I make a new stocking each year I’ve been crocheting, 4 years.

Start the Christmas lights garland by Repeat Crafter Me.

AND LASTLY…. If anyone wants to play a little scavenger hunt with me.. its on my facebook page. No one wants to play… thanks facebook.

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Black Friday Deals

I don’t have anything special planned for a black friday event. But if you want to buy handmade my shop and facebook page will be open, so you can ask questions about items I’ve made and custom orders.

Here is a coupon code you can use in my Etsy shop until the end of the year: HOLIDAYFREESHIP .

Oh and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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I’m not a football fan so I will not talk about Deflate gate. I do not want to piss off anyone.

I do support my local teams though . What is going on with Tom Brady is NOT fair!!!