Man Crush Monday

Man Crush Monday: Wrestler Edition

#1 . HBK Shawn Micheals


#2. Randy Orton


#3 . A.J. Styles


Bonus. #4 Edge


Man Crush Monday

Man Crush Monday!

Who watches the CW’s Arrow? I DO!!!!!

I am not a comic book girl but I love Batman ( Christian Bale), Superman (  Henry Carvill) Captain America ( Chris Evans) Thor (Chris Hemsworth) Iron Man ( Robert Downey Jr.) The Avengers…. And now Arrow ( the Green Arrow – DC Comics). 

The Arrow is sometimes cheesy but entertaining. Stephen Amell seams to love what he does. And he supports the fight against cancer with his F*ck Cancer Association.


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Man Crush Monday · NaBloPoMo14

Man Crush Monday #NaBloPoMo

The things you learn while looking up a crush. Besides being incredibly handsome and a a great actor.. he is also a fellow Masshole (  born in Massachusetts ) . tumblr_inline_n4cuu2xfzU1qghcc4

You may know Chris Evans as Captain America. Perfect casting I think.

tumblr_n0oxpj88rS1raoayro1_1280or you may know him as Jake Wyler in Not another Teen Movie …..


Keep up the awesomeness Chris. ❤

Man Crush Monday · NaBloPoMo14

Man Crush Monday

If you are not a gamer or follow Giant Bomb you have no idea who Brad Shoemaker is. My fiance is a gamer and loves the guys at Giant Bomb. I started paying attention when I heard Brad’s voice. Its deep and sexy.. hehe  Oh and Brad is soooo cute.. 🙂


there needs to be more pictures of Brad….. yup.

Man Crush Monday · NaBloPoMo14

Man Crush Monday

This week I share with you all my admiration( a more tasteful word  than obsession, )  for Charlie Hunnam!

charlie-hunnamJax from Sons of Anarchy. Lloyd from Undeclared. Raleigh from Pacific Rim ( my fiance’s fave movie.), Pete from Green Street Hooligans,  Nicholas Nickleby  ❤  and many others! He played alot of characters but to me he will always be Jax Teller.

Fun fact: His birthday ( April 10, 1980 ) is the day after mine!!! ( April 9, 1980). Ok so its only a fun fact to me  🙂

Have you noticed he looks a bit like Travis Fimmel from Vikings (also an awesome show!)No relation, Ive checked!


Bonus Man Crush…….. Damn those eyes.. they get me every time!