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YOP4 week 38


I can’t wait until for year 5… I have so many ideas for my hook challenge 🙂 I will post more about that in a few weeks because I want the A year of projects ravelry group to join in too.

Now for my updates…. As I mentioned in my WIP post , I have been searching for a K hook size project that I loved. I finally found one! I was set on just making curtains for my porch but realizing I have 7 windows , I decided on something else.

I love this bag. Pattern is by Jennette Reid .

cabled baguette 2

cabled baguette 3

My Boston Bruin blanket is coming out well… and fast. I’m almost done. I think after I make the rest of the yellow squares I will stop for a few months. Its starting to warm up here so I won’t need it.

I made all these squares over the past few days.

bruins blanket 6
4 more 6 rnd squares done. Now all 8 are done.
bruins blanket 7
All 38 2 rnd squares are finished. aw so cute..
bruins blanket 8
1 of 1 – four rnd square.

I used one skein of yarn for all these squares ! not bad.

2 rnd sq- 38 of 38 made (done)
4 rnd sq- 1 of 1 made (done)
6 rnd sq- 8 of 8 made (done)
8 rnd sq- 2 of 14 made

2 rnd sq- 5 of 14 made
4 rnd sq- ___of 5 made
6 rnd sq- 4 of 12 made
8rnd sq not needed

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A Year of Projects

WIP- YOP week 37


After months of looking for the right K hook project for my hook challenge, I finally found something.

I found this pattern on ravelry . Candy Apple Fall Cabled Baguette. I need a new bag badly so this perfect.

I am using yarn from my stash. I’ve had it for about a year. Lion Brand Hometown U.S.A. in Minneapolis Purple. There only a few rows to go.  I will be stitching to black for the trim and handle.

cabled baguette1



A Year of Projects · Crochet stuff

Finished Friday – With Hope Scarf

This scarf only took a week to make. I LOVE IT!!

I can’t wait to wear it everywhere I go!

A Year of Projects · Crochet stuff

Getting back to my YOP list: week 32


There aren’t that many weeks left for YOP ( a year of projects ) . My list has been edited a few times and I also have a 15 in 2015 list ( not part of YOP) . That list if for the patterns I bought last year. I figured its time to make a dent in the list.

Last week I started a project for my hook challenge… With Hope Scarf . This is one of the projects I added since I didn’t like the other project any more. I used a J Hook and Dark Orchid yarn by Red Heart.

Some how I missed 2 arches. The pattern called for 21 and I make 19. I have no idea how I did that. But it worked out well. Its not too short.  The pattern is easy and fun. 🙂

new hope scarf
crochet hook made by PukaPeyDesigns on facebook!

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