A Year of Projects

YOP4: Week 52. So long, farewell, year 4

Another year gone.

I am so proud that I finished my hook challenge. Although I switched out patterns on a weekly basis. Year 5’s hook challenge has a theme. I hope that will keep me from switching out patterns.

The Mario blanket was made in 5 months. It was fun to make all those squares but it may be a while before I make another one willingly 🙂

Year of Projects 2014 – 2015

redesign all patterns I don’t have retiring

design more patterns.

Candy corn Adult hat, Dr who inspired lip balm cozies, potted plant cozy.


Finish Mario Blanket

done 12/14/14


Boston Bruin blanket- started 2/17/15

Broadway Panel Afghan – started 3/30/15

For the Home

rug for porch

done  5/2/15

Hook Challenge

D- Necklace with flower

done 6/21/15

E- Remembrance Poppy done


F-Owl Plush and Danish Heart

done 4/ 2015

G- Breast Cancer Awareness Bag

done 11/4/14

H- Jingle Jangle Stocking

done 11/16/14

I- Patrick Pumpkin Hat

done 9/6/14

J- With Hope Scarf

—  done 2/11/14

K- Candy Apple Fall Cabled Baguette

done 3/19/15

L- BA Octopus 

done 5/31/15

N- Plarn granny square  

done 5/30/15


Add new hats and other items to my etsy shop

Lady bug hat, Sponge Bob hat, Baymax hat, Yoshi hat

Make 3 amigurumis

– done ( turkey, gnome and owl)

Learn new stitches


A Year of Projects

YOP 4 : week 45 and 15 in 2015


Only a few week to go and only a few projects to make!!

I made more squares for the Bruins Blanket

IMG_2539 IMG_2540



All yellow are done and just a few 6 inch squares are left that make the B ( top pic)

lady bug flag 3

My Ladybug flag is finished. I love how it turned out! I have to make another ladybug body to cover the sewing on the other side.

And while I have your attention…. Is anyone else making the Lily Pond Blanket ?

Block 2

Block 2
Block 3.. so far. 

I need to buy more skeins to complete block 1.


A Year of Projects

YOP4 week 44

I worked on a few things this week…. were they all part of my YOP list? Sorta 🙂

Mostly stash busting a few projects and and 15 in 2015 project. ( paid patterns )

I am inlove with the African flower hex pattern by Heidi Bears

With these ( and many more ) I may make a bag.

( I used my Hermione Granger  wand G crochet hook by Puka Pey )

Soon this will be a lady bug garden flag ( Pattern by Snappy Tots )

This rug is actually on my YOP list!

I needed a rug for my porch for my feet. Concrete sucks. This is also a stash bust. I had a really big skein of this orange and pink bulky yarn that I had no idea what to make with. This took me about an hour to make with my N hook. Its not the best looking thing but it works 🙂

A Year of Projects

YOP4 week 43 update

Less than 10 weeks to go!

Am I finished with my list? NOOOOOOOO 😦  Its not even a long list. But I do believe I will be finished by the end of the 52 weeks.

What have I finished…..

Mario Blanket 

Hook challenge



F- Danish Heart

G- Breast Cancer Awareness Bag 

H- Jingle Jangle Stocking 


J- With Hope Scarf

K- Cabled Baguette 



Ive started the Boston Bruins blanket and the Broadway blanket

I am almost done with the squares.

Will be The Sound of Music

Ive added new hats to my etsy shop.. Yoshi, Baymax, a lady bug and Sponge Bob. more will be added.

I also finished the 3 amigurumis

I have 2 WIP amis I want to finish so maybe I will challenge myself to 5 Ami 🙂

Here is my list

Thanks for visiting! ❤

A Year of Projects

YOP4 week 38


I can’t wait until for year 5… I have so many ideas for my hook challenge 🙂 I will post more about that in a few weeks because I want the A year of projects ravelry group to join in too.

Now for my updates…. As I mentioned in my WIP post , I have been searching for a K hook size project that I loved. I finally found one! I was set on just making curtains for my porch but realizing I have 7 windows , I decided on something else.

I love this bag. Pattern is by Jennette Reid .

cabled baguette 2

cabled baguette 3

My Boston Bruin blanket is coming out well… and fast. I’m almost done. I think after I make the rest of the yellow squares I will stop for a few months. Its starting to warm up here so I won’t need it.

I made all these squares over the past few days.

bruins blanket 6
4 more 6 rnd squares done. Now all 8 are done.
bruins blanket 7
All 38 2 rnd squares are finished. aw so cute..
bruins blanket 8
1 of 1 – four rnd square.

I used one skein of yarn for all these squares ! not bad.

2 rnd sq- 38 of 38 made (done)
4 rnd sq- 1 of 1 made (done)
6 rnd sq- 8 of 8 made (done)
8 rnd sq- 2 of 14 made

2 rnd sq- 5 of 14 made
4 rnd sq- ___of 5 made
6 rnd sq- 4 of 12 made
8rnd sq not needed

Until next time,