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Gilmore Girls CAL: My Journey,part 1

Another C2C CAL has caught my attention. I know I haven’t finished the Princess and Villains C2C CAL yet, but this one is sooo much more important!! Its the GILMORE GIRLS!!!!!

I wasn’t a fan of the show when it aired in 2000 but since hearing about the revival I wanted to check it out to see what the hype was about. I finished all 7 seasons in about 2 months thanks to Netflix and watched A Year in the Life in 2 nights. ( and have since re watched winter and spring) . I can see why so many people love that show.

I dont remember how I found the C2C CAL by Chaos & Chop Suey But I am glad I did. Angela designed amazing squares .

After much thinking , my first squares are going to be Luke’s diner sign and theΒ  Love Rocket Β Logan gave Rory. ( my 2 fav guys).


About half way done. Up next is the Love Rocket πŸ™‚


A Year of Projects

Yop 6 week 11

This week I worked on a few projects….

I finished the Cruella c2c panel.I need to fix a few blocks. But overall I like her πŸ™‚


I decided to work on Jon’s shark tail sack.img_3675

And a few other projects …

The purple strip is going to be a curtain for this “window ” behind our couch that separates the kitchen and the living room Β . I hate this wall but we are renters so we cant rip it out. I will be making 3 strips. one for the top and 2 for the sides.

And the blue is going to be a cowl.. I just need to find some cute buttons.

And I went yarn shopping yesterday!! I love where my man works sometimes… its not a yarn shop . Its called Ocean state Job Lot .( hes a receiver, almost a manager) Β Its like Big Lots. Β They sell yarn and they finally have some worth buying.. this wont last long but its a good start.


Next weekend is the garlic festival in Mystic CT and we’re going… not for the garlic but just to look around and get some grilled cheeses at the Bleu Squid in the Mystic Village. Their food is sooooooo good.

yop 6 banner 4



A Year of Projects

YOP6 week 10

I had the honor of making a newborn Happy Dance Snoopy hat and bootie set for a customer in AZ this week.



Not much to show for the Princess vs Villains CAL this week..

Here is Cruella DeVille .. half way done.. the decreases are fun πŸ˜› Cruella isn’t an official Villain from the CAL. she was made by someone in the facebook group.


Hopefully I will finish Cruella and Aurora today and start Belle and Ariel. New P and V were posted this week… Jasmine and Jafar and Pocahontas and Ratcliffe . I will be making Jasmine and Pocahontas .

yop 6 banner 4

A Year of Projects

YOP 6 week 9

I put my mind to it and I finished 4 things!! πŸ™‚ Yay me! lol

Evil Queen c2c done!

The C2C squares are part of the Princess vs Villains C2C CAL at Two Hearts Crochet.


Something new in my shop. Dino booties! Matching hat(s) coming soon.

dino booties 9-12 mo

Frankenstein Headband complete! I love this . I love the post stitches. Cute little Frankie.


I am amazed at myself for finishing Cinderella so soon. I started her on Thursday , right after I finished the Evil Queen. And she was done yesterday. Besides all the ends on the back. πŸ™‚


I started the Sleeping Beauty c2c square last night but I want to take a break from crocheting today because my wrist hurt last night so I don’t want to make it worse by over crocheting.

Back to my book…. David Spade’s memoir …lol

yop 6 banner 4

Crochet stuff

Finished Friday

I have some finished projects…. wanna check them out? πŸ™‚


The Evil Queen c2c is done. I was a bit worried that the background color ( Jade) wouldn’t look good but It looks awesome ! snow white can be found hereΒ .Β Cinderella is next.

The C2C squares are part of the Princess vs Villains C2C CAL at Two Hearts Crochet.

dino booties 9-12 mo

I don’t really like making booties but I needed new items in my shop and there are just too darn cute. Β The Dino baby booties pattern Β can be found hereΒ .


And we can forget about this little gem πŸ™‚ Pattern is called Boy bands and this is one of the variations . Pattern can be found here

And that is it for this week πŸ™‚

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