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WIP Wednesday

I am looming again. Its fast and easy. oh and fun!

I bought more yarn. This is called Premier Yarns Saturate in the color Zinnia. Its from the Deborah Norville Collection.

I love this yarn!! This is the third skein I’ve bought in the past week. Different color though. Although this yarn did have a few knots in the beginning I was able to get around them. I pray there are no more.

I wanted to knit something so I chose to make a drop stitch cowl. No pattern. Just a few rows of  garter stitch and then the drop stitch and some purls and e wraps and more drop stitches. I only have 3 rows of the  dropped stitches and I want to make at least 6. I hope I have enough yarn.


This is about half a ball ( 92 yards in all)



( Who knew that the host of Inside Edition would put her name on such awesome yarn 🙂 )

The loom I am using is the large knifty knitter round loom. color ( duh) is yellow. 🙂


A Year of Projects

YoP5 week 50

Week 50 !! It’s almost over!!

I worked on 3 big projects this past week.  Lily Pond blanket ( I just needed a border) , Latticeback bolero (I had to frog the back because it was too high up–too tight) and I joined 6 panels of the Emoji blanket. I need to decide which 3 emojis I want to add. I was thinking halo, poo, and sleep  ( or whatever it’s called.)IMG_20160612_1011361_rewind



I worked on (and will be adding to my year 6 list ) Wildlife Rescue Nests for local rescues.

I started up another hat drive over on my charity facebook page.. Comfort caps for New England. The Summer of Sports. My goal is to get 100 sport themed hats by Aug  and send them to the NE Children’s hospitals. Check out the page if you want to help 🙂

I made this teen sized soccer cap this week.


To the A Year of Projects members , I added the 3rd banner and side bars ( crocheters and knitters) for year 6 to the ravelry thread. I am saving my favorite for last 🙂


signature tulip

P.S. Please check out my other posts 🙂


A Year of Projects · Crochet stuff · WIPS

YOP5 week 23

This past week has been productive. I finished up a big order of Dr. Who related items. Can’t share yet. I made them exclusively for my friend Traci over at Blue Box Balm.

I also finished this wicked awesome Santa hat! This was a pretty simple pattern to follow. I added it to my etsy shop and I am hoping that someone buys one ( or 2 🙂 ) so I can make more 🙂  The one below is MINE!! 🙂 hehe

I made the dress and apron for the Alice in Wonderland doll. The apron just needs a few more things before being 100 % finished. Arms and legs are this coming week!

I just don’t know when to stop making more projects, Below I have started a pattern by Snappy tots .  Hooded Cookie Scarves. The one I am making is the snowman version. She also had a gingerbread boy/girl version. So cute!

This was last night. Both snowman pockets have been finished, I just didn’t take another photo.


It feels like I am forgetting something….. that’s gonna bug me all day.

For this week:

Finish all WIPS. theres the ones above, the Snoopy scarf ( I want to make a dancing snoopy hat and a woodstock hat to go with the scarf)

Totoro purse. he needs eyes, a nose and ears.

Christmas Wreath square.

And the Gingerbread Stocking I showed last week. I’ve noticed that I make a new stocking each year I’ve been crocheting, 4 years.

Start the Christmas lights garland by Repeat Crafter Me.

AND LASTLY…. If anyone wants to play a little scavenger hunt with me.. its on my facebook page. No one wants to play… thanks facebook.


WIP Wednesday: Infinity Scarf

I haven’t played with my looms in months. I was putting more yarn in my yarn cabinet and I couldn’t fit a few skeins. I spotted 2 50 gram skeins and thought these would make a cute infinity scarf! So I grabbed them and put them with my loom and I started the scarf that night.. Sunday. I am half way done. 🙂  The yarn is Bergere de France  from the Arlequin collection ( now discontinued ) color: Muscari ❤


My yarn bowl looks unimpressed..lol

Crochet stuff · My Writings · WIPS

WIP Wednesday

My work in progress for this Wednesday  is craft and non craft related. My work in progess for this Wednesday  is craft and non craft related.
My craft related WIP is something for the Halloween season. When  I first saw these sugar skulls,  I fell inlove. They’re awesome. And for some reason I am into skulls this year. I’m not sure where I will hang this project when its finished at this moment but I will find a spot. Candy skulls

what do you think so far? 🙂

Now for the non craft related WIP. I recently enrolled in Writing Stories for Children through Stratford Career Institute. I passed my first 2 tests, now I have to write  a scene using what I learned from my reading. I’ve been putting this off for a month.How hard can writing one little scene be?


I got nothing!

It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, but I want to get an A for it.  Lets start with an age range…. hows middle schoolers? now place…. gym class?

I’ll need about 500 words. Wish me luck!