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YOP: week 10

I love knitters. Did anyone else see the Claire Outlander Cowl on Ravelry’s home pages last week? Β I am loving that show ( and my fiance is into it too). Claire’s cowl on the show is beautiful and I wanted to make one from the first time I saw it. But I don’t know how to knit and I don’t think it would look the same if I loom knitted it.

After seeing Polly foo foo’s pattern ( and realizing I have the needles the pattern calls for ) I believe I can do it. I just have to learn how to knit πŸ™‚

Now on to stuff I did this past week. I didn’t post my blog to the group last week because I didn’t finish anything , but I did set a few goals.

Sew 8 rows of the Mario Blanket together…….

I love sitting outside-ish. The weather is so nice I can sit out on the screened in porch and sew this blanket. lots and lots of sewing. Above is just 7 rows. I got annoyed with it .., lots and lots of sewing.

Make the Chair Socks…

Here is one chair sock.. I made 2. Not sure if I like them. I LOVE the yarn but I don’t knowΒ if its right for chair socks.


here are a few other projects Ive been working on .

I wonder what this could be πŸ™‚

Making a leaf garland


baby hat ( pattern by Snappy Tots. ) that’s all the orange yarn I had so I couldn’t add ear flaps.

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