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I can see it!

I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. My customers have me over worked πŸ™‚ Since about mid- September I’ve been making hats … alot of hats. Its Halloween season and people want their little one ( or themselves) to look like Edith from Despicable me, a Minion, Anna or Elsa from Frozen, a Lego guy and even a Cabbage Pat Kid . And I love making them! But it takes a lot of yarn… I mean A LOT of yarn. I have placed about 4 medium orders with for yarn. (note to self: Next year order early).

One person can only make so many hats in one day. I’ve been averaging 3-5 hats in one day. Depending on the type. with less than 20 hats to make, my nerves are finally starting to relax. I want all orders to arrive in plenty of time for Halloween since most if not all these hats are going to be toppers for Halloween costumes. ( I really hope I get pictures πŸ™‚ )

Another note to self… Make hats for Halloween in JUNE!! lol Halloween season ( Sept – Oct) is the most busiest time for me. I wish that would continue through Christmas, maybe someday it will. ( fingers crossed) . Β Soon I will be able to make other fall items and decor for Thanksgiving and get an early start on Christmas ornaments . I am planning on selling my stuff at a local craft fair this Dec. I missed it last year , I hope I don’t miss it again. I also have to make some seasonal items for a local artisan gift consignment shop. Ive had spring items there since

Enough chatting for now… back to the hats… I wish they could make themselves , hehe

Something I have been working on. its a potholder.. another one is in the making along with a Hot pad.
Something I have been working on. Its a potholder.. another one is in the making along with a Hot pad.