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15 in 2015 Project #5

Here is another pattern by Snappy Tots.

This is called the Wicked Tutu bag.

So cute. I made this the week of Halloween for a weekend getaway with my fiance. It was to be our honeymoon but nothing came together but we took the mini vaca anyway.

While making this I had an idea to make an elf bag , as of this post , I have not made said bag.

Don’t worry this is not the last time you will see a project made from a pattern from Snappy tots for this list..hehe.

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15 in 2015 Project #4

Project #4: Buggy Garden Set

Another pattern by Snappy Tots.

This was meant to be project 3. But it was over looked and didn’t get scheduled .

This is a garden flag. This brightened up my little garden this past summer. I love Heidi’s garden flags. This one is actually hanging on a plant hanger. I love piecing projects together so this was perfect!

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15 in 2015 Project #3

You have to know something about me and this project.. I absolutely LOVE Plants vs Zombies. It was the first game I downloaded on my kindle last year. Its the cutest game ever.. to me anyway. My fiance and I don’t play enough of it on PS4. The game on kindle is different than on PS4.  You can move around and explore on a console.  The kindle version is more side scrolling and tapping the screen.  Once you get past adventure mode you unlock a bunch of stuff. But this post is not about the game. Sorry :-p

Pattern name Peashooter and Snowpea

Pattern designer: AradiyaToys store

I originally made this little guy (peashooter, snowpea coming soon) for a friend of my fiance’s but she decided she didn’t want it when I was done.. oh well, her loss 🙂 I love him and he looks adorable with my other amigurumi. ( the ones next to the pea shooter were given to me from swaps)

 I plan to make the whole set soon. Probably next year. This was a fun and easy pattern to work with.

Hook used: F (3.75)

Yarn used : Red heart Spring green and Paddy Green

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15 in 2015 Project #2

Project # 2 is Tea Cup Bunting

Pattern designer Jessie Rayot

I bought this pattern for a swap but decided to make something else. Still on my ‘must make list’, I eventually got around to making it. My kitchen needed something .The colors I used were seafoam, lavender and cream. It hangs above my spice rack shelf which is above my stove.

I haven’t made anything else by Jessie but I do have a copy of the Retro Ornament Throw in my kindle . I love big projects!

Next up: Project #3, Buggy Garden Set

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15 in 2015 project #1

I wanted to share my 15 in 2015 project list. I pulled these projects from my patterns I bought on, my favorite place to share , get new projects and see what others have made.

I have about 116 patterns paid for. most of them are from next to nothing sales. I will not share that number 🙂

Here is project 1. Angela’s Hat Band.

Pattern designer… ( one of my faves) Snappy Tots .

I made this for my fiance for when he has to walk home from work on the colder days. Its suppose to keep the ears warm for people who like to where baseball caps.  Jon only wore it a few times. He said he didn’t want to lose one of his favorite hats ( Gears of War) at work.

Come back for project #2, Tea Cup bunting