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WIP Wednesday 2/15/17

I love these days. I wish I had more to share but I’ve been a bit busy making Pink P**sy hats. I can honestly say I hate the color pink. I really do 🙂 Staring at the color for weeks made my head hurt.

Todays WIP is a knitted hat that I just love. You can find the pattern HERE . Its called Sunset hat. When I saw this pattern on ravelry I knew I had to make it. I love color work. It gives the hat personality.


I am about to add my 3rd color. Papaya ( Red Heart with Love). My other colors are Delft Blue (Red Heart Super Saver) and Putty ( Red Heart Accent). My 4th color is still undecided. It might be coral or carrot. The colors are basically the same but with a slight difference .

I’ve noticed something about knitting… it doesn’t use up as much yarn as crocheting.  Which is a good thing but also bad since I am trying to cut my yarn stash in half this year 🙂


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YOP6 week 30

What do I have for week 30….umm nothing really. I am playing around with my needles and some color work. I just free handed this with out a pattern. I dont like the yellow because its too thin and doesn’t pop out as you can see in the blue yarn.


I am on to my next knitted hat. Its called Sunset hat by Emily Dormier . I even made new stitch markers . This pattern repeats every 4 stitches so the stitch markers will come in handy.





And yes another Messy bun hat.. this one is made with metallic yarn  though.  🙂



Lastly, I found another C2C Crochet along. This one is for the Gilmore Girls . This block is Luke’s diner. Its 50 x 50. The biggest c2c square I’ve made.  I need more RHSS in jade for the decrease. I will have a separate category for this CAL for the other blocks.:)


yop 6 banner 4


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Finished Friday

I have 4 , yes FOUR hats to show off today. Lets dive right in 🙂

I started this knitted hat last week and I finished it a few days ago. Knitting is so much fun. But the decreasing is stressful. My DPNs( double pointed needles to the non knitters) dont like me. my stitches fall off and I have to pick them up and a few I have to re-knit. I ‘ll get the hang of it someday. This one also has a crocheted brim. I started the decrease too early.


This Pom Pom hat is entirely knit. I’ve had this yarn for a few years and it needed to become something. I love this hat!!!!


If you dont live under a rock or have no life 🙂 then you might of seen people post their version of the messy bun/ponytail beanie. I jumped on the band wagon last night after I saw my facebook newsfeed blow up with crocheters and their beanies.

The first, I used a pattern I had in my ravelry queue.( Urban Shells Beanie ) To make it into a pony tail beanie I just single crocheted 24 around an elastic and continued with the pattern as it was written out. I’m glad I chose this design.  And yes I used the same yarn I used for the knitted hat above 🙂 I have a few skeins of it.

This one I just winged. I wanted something that would let some air through. And we all know I like post stitches, so they’re included too 🙂 I will post this pattern soon (for free) . I chose these colors because its almost Christmas. My fiance and I are going to the Festival of Lights in Mystic CT tonight and I want to wear this.  All I do is wear ponytails so these hats are perfect for me.

Purple Yarn Ball4_1


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Stash Acquisition Saturday on a Tuesday

Since I am unable to post on Saturdays because of my man’s day off ( and wordpress won’t let me add pictures to a post) I am posting a Stash post on a Tuesday.  🙂

Sunday I went to Walmart. All I needed was yarn!!

I walked out with buyer’s remorse  .


The finger guides I will NEVER use. But at the time I thought they were cool. ( and thought they were under $3 not $5– getting returned) and Someday I will learn to look at the top number not the bottom when buying needles. I bought the wrong size AGAIN! ( getting returned ). BUT I will use the point protectors . I will use them when using my dpns (double pointed needles). I need another set though.


Although I am not happy with a few items I picked up, I bought yarn 🙂 Yarn makes me happy. And its yarn I needed.




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New Things

I guess that sums up today’s post .. New things.

Ive lived in this boring little town for almost 5 years. ( Dec 1st) . I’ve been wanting to get a library card for a while. I just never remembered to get one , when they were open that is. I have a kindle with plenty of books I can read. But I don’t want to pay $6.99 or more  for a book I may not like. Plus I love books. I love the feel of them and I love the smell of them. I love turning pages and folding back the cover with the pages I’ve read. I love bookmarks. I love reading. Escaping from my world for a few hours.

So I now have a library card. I borrowed 2 books, Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult , and Needles and Pearls by Gil McNeil and 1 dvd, The Craft. I also have a few books I requested I have to pick up. The library is just down one hill and a short walk up another 🙂 Closest library I ever lived near 🙂   Its on the small side. A few rooms of books and a basement for the kids books. Oh and they have a knitting club that meets on Tuesdays. I am not sure if they still meet every week but I want to check it out.

Speaking of knitting …

I learned a new cast on… its called the Chinese Waitress cast on with crochet hook. It’s so easy.  The video is below. Here is my swatch with this new cast on…