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YOP9 week 7

I have finally gotten around to writing A Year of Projects post for year 9 . I am not sure what I want to do make for year 9. I think mainly tops for myself. I have finished one (see below ) and I have 3 on the hook(s).

This is the Kanata Kerchief Tank. It looks good on the hanger but it makes me look fat! Its the XL . I should of made the medium. I like somewhat baggy t-shirts but this is way to much.

Yarn Used : Red Heart Super Saver Fair Isle, Candy



Below is the Aestas Top. I LOVE THIS !! I have many more rows to go. I may never take it off when its finished. I am heading to Tampa on Monday and I was hoping to be able to wear this but I don’t think I will have time to finish it in time.

Yarn Used: Red Heart Super Saver, Orchid.


Pattern Links:

Kanata Kerchief Tank 

Aestas Top

And I am still on my c2c obsession .. Lovable Loops had a Alphabet blanket crochet along back in January. I made an E. The rest of my name will be coming soon in other shades of purple. I used Red Heart yarn, super saver accent and with love metallic.




And as you can see, my current book when I made this was Eleanor & Park. Which I love so much!!




Books of the Week:  The Cactus , and Fangirl ( the author of Eleanor & Park ❤ ).




Audio books: Girl Walks in to a Bar.. by Rachel Dratch ( former SNL member) and The Good, The Bad, and the Barbie 🙂



7 thoughts on “YOP9 week 7

  1. Would you be able to rip out the tank and remake it in a smaller size? It is really a cute pattern and the color of it is so pretty. Love the aestas top. I am a purple lover. Anything in purple speaks to me. LOL Have fun in Tampa!


  2. I was wondering if you could convert the top into something else, but maybe frogging it is the answer and re-doing it. Seems a shame to waste such pretty yarn. Your purple top looks like it will be so practical for smart and casual look and mmm lovely purple.


  3. You and me both finished the Kanata this week. I love the colour of yours. I made the straps longer on mine so it hung lower. It means I have to wear something under it, but the length takes the bulk away from my middle. I also used a very soft drapey cotton – I can imagine if the yarn was too stiff it wouldn’t hang nicely. When reading comments from other ravelers who have made this pattern they too found it not flattering to wear and someone took it apart and made the four squares into a lovely baby blanket. Just an idea.


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