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YOP 8 wk 40

Hi All… I thought I would drop by again ๐Ÿ™‚

I dont have much to show. Hopefully that will change in the coming months.

I saw this design on Instagram . The designer hasn’t posted a link to the pattern but since I am not selling what I made I hope she doesn’t mind I made one for myself. Its c2c (corner 2 corner) .


I bought this Dragon Purse pattern a month ago. I thought it was cool although I am not much ofย  a dragon fan . It uses a stitch I dont use much but love . The Crocodile stitch.

I ran out of yarn BUT I am not frogging this one. When I go to walmart at the end of the week I will get more Mainstays basic yarn. I do want to start another one so I will use a whole skein for number 2.


I love love love this stitch.ย 

And since its spring I am growing stuff! I started this lettuce (romaine) last week and look at the cute little sprouts! I need to put them in soil soon.

Jon mentioned getting me a mini greenhouse so I can grow more veggies. I’m on the fence about that. I’m a bit nervous that everything will die or an animal gets inside and destroys everything. We’ll see. Do you grow your own veggies? Tell me all bout it ๐Ÿ™‚



7 thoughts on “YOP 8 wk 40

  1. I like the look of the crocodile stitch, something I need to try out at some point. I used to do a lot of vegetable growing and my very early blog posts were mostly about gardening. Last year I had my spinning wheel so learning to spin took up most of my time, but I still managed to grow cucumbers, courgettes (zucchini), tomatoes, onions and salad leaves. Only certain things need some heat to germinate. Lettuce you donโ€™t normally need it warm, but tomatoes and cucumbers definitely germinate quicker in a heated propagator.


  2. I always like the look of the crocodile stitch. Have never tried it yet. Might be something to put on my year 9 list. As for gardening……my brother in law has 2 commercial green houses. One is hydrophonic and the other soil based. He grows fruits and veggies from February until December. Because you can control the humidity and temperature of the interior your growing season lasts longer. Critters have never been an issue for him and he has deer, skunks, rabbits and other small critters all around where he lives in NM. Fresh garden greens, herbs, veggies and berries are so much more delicious than store bought.


  3. Your colorful C2C wall hanging is cute! And that Dragon Purse is awesome. Yours is going to be great, I know. I’ve never tried the crocodile stitch, but what a perfect stitch for this purse! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Love the C2C, and the dragon purse is adorable. Add me to the list of people who haven’t tried the crocodile stitch. On its own it seems a little clumsy but it’s absolutely perfect for dragon scales!


  5. I love the c2c, especially the colours. I do a bit of gardening. Hopeful to do more this year – last year was a bit too hot!


  6. What a great idea for a C2C…I thought it was weaving at first. Nice job. I love the dragon pure too and I am not a dragon person at all. As for gardening….I haven’t done much for years but this winter I was able to raise some hearty lettuce under a plastic container that provided all winter and is still providing . I have tomato seeds comin gup, peas are planted outside and kale. I need to garden in containers here because of all the critters. Good luck!


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