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Genre Challenge

Yup , another reading challenge. I will be adding a Challenges page to the top of my blog so these will be easier to find and keep updated.

This challenge shall be fun. Books out of my norm. I’m not into Paranormal or horror books but I am willing to give them a try. For the love of reading!!

Genre Challenge – All Kinds of Everything

Start Date: 12/1/2018 (around this time)
Time Limit: 12 months
0/20 Complete

1. Biography -The Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred Rogers
2. Chick Lit – Bubbles Unbound
3. Classics – The Catcher in the Rye
4. Contemporary -Bear Town
5. Crime – I’m Watching You
6. Dystopian -1984
7. Fantasy – How to Stop Time
8. Historical -The Betrayal of Mary of Scots: Elizabeth I & her Great Rival……… OR…………Black Flags, Blue Waters: The Epic History of America’s Most Notorious Pirates.
9. History Fiction– Paper Wife
10. Horror – You … or… The Winter People
11. Humor– The Unidentified Redhead
12. Memoir -A Girl walks into a bar
13. Mystery -Pieces of Her
14. Non-Fiction -Girl Squads
15. Paranormal – Jinx
16. Romance -Ghosted
17. Science Fiction -The Handmade’s Tale
18. Suspense – Sadie ( started 12/3/18)
19. Thriller -Girls Night Out
20. Young Adult– Paper Towns

1. Favorite genres before taking the challenge – YA, Humor, Romance, memoir, chic lit, bio, contemporary,suspense.
2. New genres read for challenge –
3. New genres I will read more of as a result of the challenge –
4. Genres I will still avoid after taking the challenge-