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Thanks Etsy?

So yesterday Etsy suspended my shop over $11. Its the end of the month and I am broke baby. My shop is my only income. My fiance has a job but we live just about pay check to pay check. I know what you are thinking… ‘its only $11 , anyone can afford $11. ‘

Yeah I could pay it but this is my shop’s downtime. During this time ( March through August ) I am collecting $$ from Craftsy from the few patterns I have there. ( btw , it isnt much). So instead of running up another bill for relisting fees , I am taking a break from etsy. Regroup and focus on personal projects.

Is etsy the only place that has relisting fees? Last time I was on Artfire they only took their cut from items you sold. I just checked and its subscription based now.Β  It ranges fromΒ  $4.95 a month to $40. Oi! i cant win.

Ive been thinking about this for along time… I need to make new patterns. I WANT to make new patterns. I haven’t yet because when I think of something someone already did it, or close to it.

So maybe this suspension is a good thing ( not money wise) but time wise. There is so much I can do now with out having to make someones order or make new items for my shop. I feel free…lol

Things I can do now…

Make more soap. so much fun.

Read more. I committed to reading 50 books this year on Goodreads.Β  I’ve read one.

De-clutter my craft area.

Finish some personal projects.. Grease C2C blanket, FRIENDS C2C blanket, and the Sophie blanket.

Design some new patterns.


Don’t worry people I will pay my bill within a few weeks. I can feel the judgement…. “just pay the bill. Etsy is owed that money. ” … blah blah…lol They over price for





2 thoughts on “Thanks Etsy?”

  1. I get ya. Hubby wanted me to open an Esty shop. I read all the fine print amd just don’t want to deal with all the bookkeeping I feel it requires.

    Do you have any consignment shops in your area? Our antique shops actially allow crafters to sell their wares there. We used to have crafters co-ops, but they have disappeared. Even ask your LYS if they allow ppl to sell or know a local place that does. EBay is another option too. Lots of crafters sell on there. But then again you are dealing with finances.

    Good luck.


  2. Etsy has changed so much since I first joined in 2010. Lots of people have bailed after they allowed outsourcing. It’s not all handmade by the shop owners anymore as I understand it. If I were a customer, I’d be looking at each shop’s story and find out whether it’s really genuinely handmade. Hang in there.


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