The Great Stash Bust of 2017

My stash slim down isn’t slimming as fast as I wanted it to. I don’t mind the almost full to full skeins of yarn , its the little balls that piss me off..lol 🙂

I had a list of small projects I was going to use the balls for but once I made those projects , then what? They would just lay around collecting dust, taking up room I cant spare. So with that in mind I searched through patterns I have saved on ravelry and found the log cabin potholder. IMG_4174 I’ve seen blankets made like this so thats what I wanted to do . I was so against making blankets because they take up so much room but its better than multiple little projects taking up room.

I will be calling this blanket      ‘The ugliest blanket you’ve ever seen’ . 🙂

I made a few small 3 round squares that I may keep the way they are and make more of with the smallest balls. I may only have enough yarn to make a lap blanket if I continue with the big squares, and thats ok. I may even use some of my full skeins. 🙂

The yarn I am using is Red Heart worsted weight with an H hook.

Ribbet Edit

5 thoughts on “The Great Stash Bust of 2017

  1. Having made a potholder using this pattern, I’ve been thinking it might make a fun big blanket – with the thought that I’d just keep crocheting around and around. What a great use of all those small leftovers of yarn, Erin. I’ll look forward to seeing how your blanket grows.


  2. I made a large grannysquare blanket one time as a stash buster and I thought the same thing: this is going to be the ugliest thing ever! It actually wasn’t terrible. It had its own charm! 😉 I might make another one to clear up some space.


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